Ubisoft Becomes a Corporate Baker on Tezos
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Ubisoft Becomes a Corporate Baker on Tezos

By whattheclap | bruhhurb0912 | 20 Apr 2021

If you've been following the Tezos ecosystem lately, you'll know that Ubisoft, the gaming giant that is behind big games like the Tom Clancy's Series and the Far Cry Series, has become a corporate baker on Tezos.

What this means is that Ubisoft will now be running a baker (which means validator in Tezos terms) to verify transactions on the blockchain. Users will be able to delegate their Tez holdings to them and in exchange for giving their voting weight, which will be used to vote on routine proposals to improve the Tezos network, to Ubisoft, they will receive reward payments at the higher end of 5% every year. 

This is big news for the Tezos community, which has suffered from a lack of investor attention, which is the reason for its stagnant price action. Many enterprise solutions and government solutions have been built and are being built on Tezos (Lugh Stablecoin, ENVITED, and Reno, CA DAO, for example). 

Ubisoft currently has a following of over 8,400,000 on Twitter, where they made their announcement, bringing Tezos to the attention of many people.

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