Buy the Dip with Points! Bakkt: Aggregating Digital Assets and Converting them to Cash or Crypto

There are so many loyalty and rewards programs that it can become hard to keep track of them all (like having 20 coins spread across 8 wallets...) and even more difficult to know which programs to use and how to efficiently earn and spend their points. From Dunkin Donuts to Chipotle, we can earn points in several programs just by our daily living; a lot of those points go to waste or remain illiquid, however, due to negligence or an inability to use them due to program requirements or insufficient balances (the frustration is tangible, even if the benefits aren't...).

I try to show some opportunities using my experience and sites like ThePointsGuy, OneMileAtATime, and NerdWallet, but many readers may not take advantage of certain opportunities because they think they will never be able to use the benefits.

Bakkt is a developing service that aggregates your digital assets and lets you convert them to cash or crypto that you can withdraw, effectively solving both of those problems (or attempting to) and providing instant liquidity, allowing you to buy more crypto when you need to (you know, if BTC should suddenly fall to $30,000 or something). So start racking up those points!

Digital Assets

Bakkt allows you to aggregate all of your digital assets and provides instant liquidity, giving you control over your investing and spending.

If you haven't seen it, you may want to take a look at my previous article on the topic:

In their words:

"Digital assets are the loyalty and rewards points, airline miles, gaming assets, gift cards, and crypto that you’re holding but may not know that you can use as a form of payment. The Bakkt® App is a digital wallet that transforms your digital currency into something much more tangible, allowing you to manage, spend, or send your accumulated digital assets. In short, Bakkt lets you convert your digital assets into cash or crypto — creating portfolio value out of simply living your life."

This means that you can aggregate your gift cards, loyalty points from various rewards programs, and soon even Video Game assets into a digital wallet with your crypto, letting you see everything in once place and invest and spend as you please.


"the Bakkt App lets you buy and sell crypto alongside other assets in your digital wallet like loyalty and rewards points, miles, and gift cards. With the Bakkt App, you can aggregate, convert, spend, and send your assets however you want."


If you'd prefer to use them for shopping, you can do that too:

"Bakkt’s Pay with Points platform allows consumers to spend their rewards and loyalty points at their favorite online retailers. Give your customers the ability to use rewards immediately for merchandise, travel, and valuable goods and services. Pay with Points is available wherever credit cards are used, letting customers pay immediately in-full with their rewards, or pay partially with rewards points, supplementing the remaining balance with another form of payment. This optionality lets your customers buy products without having to wait for their rewards balances to grow."

Alternatively, you can purchase a new gift card. This can be helpful if you have several low balance cards from different retailers. While other services exist to aggregate and trade gift cards, I'm not sure any others exist that you let you aggregate loyalty points and trade and send crypto.


Aggregating your digital assets for efficient investing and spending, Bakkt is essentially working on the interoperability of a myriad of centralized assets, letting you exchange them for decentralized crypto (or just buy a coffee). More than that, it delivers instant liquidity, allowing you to effectively make use of the assets you already have and take advantage of the various opportunities that arise, and giving you a little more space to take advantage of that next dip! (Who couldn't use a little more liquidity to fix their FOMO / FUD?)

So buy the next dip with points! 


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Brother Numsee's Points Craze
Brother Numsee's Points Craze

I'll show some of the opportunities to accumulate and use points in credit card, hotel, and airline loyalty programs and other digital assets.

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