Using Brave Creator Rewards to Withdraw BAT from Multiple Devices to Gemini

So one of the best ways out there to earn free crypto is to use the Brave web browser. If you use the browser on multiple devices, the BAT--Basic Attention Token--adds up pretty quickly, but the withdrawal minimum for the traditional method of withdrawing the BAT is high and that method presents some problems.

The traditional method is to create and verify a wallet on Uphold, which one can only do if at least 15 BAT have been accumulated in the wallet. Theoretically once the wallet is created, it could be verified across multiple devices, but that is a pretty high minimum (perhaps prohibitively high to many users). Moreover, many Brave users would simply rather avoid Uphold if possible. I have no experience whatsoever with Uphold and cannot really comment on it, but after some preliminary research, I don't mind keeping it that way.

Withdrawing BAT to Gemini from Multiple Devices

1) Create a Brave Creator Rewards account:

2) Link that account to your Gemini account.

If you don't have one yet, get $10 BTC for signing up:

(When I linked the accounts, I could even choose to receive my payment in another currency. I chose BTC, but I've received BAT every time so far. Maybe that feature will work in the future.)

3) Link Content Creator Accounts like Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube.

4) Tip to those accounts. The tips will generally show up in your Brave Creator Rewards Account immediately (minus 5% for Brave). They will then take about 1-2 months to show up in your Gemini account.

I've had no problem tipping my reddit comments from my desktop and laptop (click on the triangle icon next to the comment to tip) and can tip custom amounts (so I can send everything in one tip). It's been trickier from mobile, but I have been able to tip my Youtube account (even without posting any videos, clicking on the Brave icon triangle on the top right) and I believe my twitter account, albeit only in increments of 1 BAT.

Optional Step 5: ... Profit! Gemini Earn

You can deposit your BAT (or other currency) in Gemini Earn to accumulate interest on your deposit. Gemini Earn is like a CEFI platform where the only client is Genesis: your deposit essentially represents Gemini loaning it to Genesis and paying you interest on it. It's considered to be safer than some other CEFI platforms, but the rates aren't the highest. Gemini earn currently pays about 3.5% on BAT and 1.5% on BTC. Note: Withdrawing from Gemini Earn can take up to 7 days (though I have never seen it take that long and often happens on the same or next business day).

You could also simply withdraw whatever currency you earned for free. Gemini provides 10 free withdrawals every month.

Note: You can also now link Gemini directly to the Desktop version of the web browser, so you could avoid having to claim the BAT and send the tips, at least from the desktop (and just use the method above to withdraw from the mobile version). Perhaps the deposit would be faster and you wouldn't pay the 5% commission, but I don't know, I haven't tried it yet. I'll try to give it a shot next month.


So you register as a Brave Creator and then link any or all of your reddit, twitter and youtube accounts to it, as well as your Gemini account. You can then tip any of your Reddit comments any amount from any / all computers and you will receive the aggregate - 5% in Gemini, eventually. There is a 1-2 month turn around. I haven't been able to tip my Reddit comments from Brave mobile, so I just tip my YouTube account, but it's all right there in Brave Creator Rewards.

I decided to write this article after writing the above on Reddit as a response to a user asking me to explain the process. Feel free to tip that comment some BAT (or Moons) to see how the process works and show me some love in my pursuit of the KWAN:

I am your ambassador of KWAN!


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