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By Lorren | Brookes_World | 7 Jun 2021

Earlier today, I was mildly bullied on a social media site. Ended up deleting a post with a photo of my cracked stove after people started making negative comments about what my house looks like. How could someone who buys Bitcoin have such a horrible kitchen? Etc. It was hurtful. But you know what? It taught me one thing: try not to be like those people.

It all started yesterday, when we got a massive crack through our stove. There’s a small hole in the stovetop even, so you can see through the stovetop into the coils beneath. Needless to say, we’re going to need to sell some stuff tomorrow so we can order a new stove. Thankfully, we have some silver, and silver is up in price, so we probably won’t have to sell any cryptocurrency.

Most people know that electricity and water don’t mix. So as far as cleaning my stove goes, that’s going to be very difficult until we can replace it (probably by the weekend or early next week). I have to be very careful to make sure there’s no excess water on the stovetop between now and then. We have to make sure not to use two of the burners (I’ll probably opt to use the Instant Pot and inside the oven until we can get a replacement), make sure nothing boils over, and make sure that there’s no excess water in any sponges we use to clean it.

My old beat up pot

People were commenting on my cookware. “Pots are cheap, right?” “Your cookware is outdated.” Actually, the pot in the picture was part of a set. We bought it around 20 years ago; it would cost $430 to replace the set today. Maybe that’s cheap for some people, but it’s not for me. Sure, I could go to Walmart and get an inexpensive pot, but why should I? Who cares if my pot looks beat up? It’s been used thousands of times over the years. If it still works, why replace it? I’d rather buy crypto.

New Pampered Chef Nonstick Cookware Set

Which leads me to a final observation. How could someone that buys crypto have such an old pot? I’d like to contrast my grandparents with another relative of mine.

My grandparents lived in an old house. Nearly everything in their house was old. Their stove was over 50 years old. I don’t remember them ever replacing their curtains, their couch, or any of their furniture. Grandma finally bought a color TV in the 1990s, but she never paid for cable or internet. They always drove an old car. They died millionaires, although I never realized they were wealthy until about 10 years after I graduated from high school.

I always envied another relative of mine. They seemed rich. Their house always looked nice, they were always remodeling, and my relative who was a few years younger than me always had amazing birthday parties and got great birthday gifts. It was all a lie. Eventually, they went bankrupt and lost that beautiful house.

Maybe I don’t have a huge amount of Bitcoin. Yes, I bought my first BTC in 2013, but I’ve used it to pay the mortgage when my husband was out of work for 10 months, I used some to pay the down payment on this house, and it’s been there for emergencies. Hopefully I won’t have to use any to replace my stove. Maybe I use 20 year old cookware that has had better days. We all make choices, and my choice to use old cookware allows me to put more money into crypto. Whether we have $500 to spend, $5, or all our crypto comes from money we get from Publish0x, we still belong to this community. And maybe we should think about being kind if their “stuff” isn’t as nice as yours.

Although I have to say, people at Publish0x are pretty awesome, and I haven’t had any bad experiences like that here 😉

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