The Brave/$BAT of Decentralized Security : The Interlock Whitelist is Open

Interlock is doing for anonymized security data what Brave/$BAT did for advertising data. 

With the initial product the Airlock browser add-on you get:

  • Free phishing and malware protection in DeFi and Web3
  • Earn $INTR tokens while you browse
  • Make web3 a safer place for all as your anonymous data is pooled and sold to cybersecurity companies who need to stake the $INTR token to take advantage of discounts

This is a project that encompasses the true meaning of web3. Taking power and monetization away from the center of the network and putting it into the hands of the users.

The team have been in business in Cybersecurity since 2013. They are doxed and the backers list is extensive and available on the website .

The whitepaper and litepaper are also available there and if you want to get to know the tokenomics and utility they are available on the blog.

You can sign up for the community sale whitelist here.




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