Polkadot Parachain Price Predictions: Moonbeam , Acala , Astar (GLMR ACA ASTR)

Using Projects valuation on Kusama to Calculate valuation on Polkadot.

Firstly taking Sakura on the Kusama Chain and its sister project Clover on the Polkadot Chain

If SKU FDV is $161 million on KSM and CLV is FDV is $832 million on DOT the ratio is 5.17 : 1

Therefore we use the 5.17:1 ratio for other projects about to make the migration and see if the evaluations seem low sensible or Moon

We take into considerations the projectsMoonbeam/Moonriver & Kaura/Acala & Shiden/Astar

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Acala Moonbeam Astar

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