The OpenSea Swindler Stole $1.7M in NFTs on OpenSea!

How did the OpenSea Swindler steal $1.7M in NFTs? I spoke with Rick Deacon, the CEO of Interlock!

Wow, did you hear about the phishing attack on OpenSea, the biggest NFT market place??

$1.7M worth in NFTs stolen in one weekend, just like that!

Many wonder how this could happen? And more importantly, what I can do to avoid becoming a victim of similar attacks in the future?

Well, I spoke to Rick Deacon the CEO of Interlock to get expert insights on these important questions for you!

Rick Deacon runs a Web3 Security Company with the focus on preventing phishing attacks among other security threats while browsing online.
While at the same time Interlock provides you the opportunity to get rewarded in ILOCK tokens for contributing anonymized securtity data to further improve cybersecurity in a collaborative matter - "Decentralized security, incentivized for everyone" is their mantra!

Interlock's solutions could have protected you against phishing attacks like the one we have seen from the OpenSea hack - incredible!

Oh, and by the way... Interlock is still an early stage project in the crypto space. Meaning if you join their social channels and follow updates you might be lucky to grab an early token sale opportunity ;)  Don't we all love that?!

That out of the way, now it's time to check our video below:

Alpha is our middle name!

Team Altcoin Edge

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