Acala Kills Ethereum Within One Year With Polkadot - And Here is Why...

Polkadot is launching their crowdloan parachain slot auctions very soon. A new way of raising funds for new project and to decide who will secure a parachain on Polkadot. Basically how projects are launched on the Polkadot ecosystem...

So I became dedicated to learn more about the upcoming projects applying for these parachains and some of the things I learned are impressive the least...

I believe we might be looking at a game changer here in crypto with is a short video on one of such projects "Acala" which would like to become the DeFi Hub on Polkadot.

I am not going to say any more, just watch...and it could be a bit urgent because you'll be able to invest in Acala quite soon within a 7 day window, if that is something you are interested in... I can tell you I am!

Team Brokenomix

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