With Turkey, Goose and New Year Ham Dips Behind us BTC Repeat Jan-June 2X Ramp Well Underway?
Bitcoin 2019 2X Jan. to June Ramp Repeat in 2020?

With Turkey, Goose and New Year Ham Dips Behind us BTC Repeat Jan-June 2X Ramp Well Underway?

It's in the "Charts".

Those past holiday 'cash outs' to fiat  in the 'Ramp' "Dips" are clear to see, as the WHALES cash out to buy big toys, place new Fiat bets, pay for next semester "kiddie" fun at school, etc.

Per my previous post prediction  #BTC is ramping up in 2020, with a bit of help from the current US administration "sabre rattling" in the form of IRAN sanctions for IRAN 'erroneously' shooting down a passenger jet. (full of dual passport carrying people, lots of them , 63 in fact, having Canadian passports). Condolences to those families who lost loved ones.

So where did we actually dip 'lowest'  before this repeat ramp kicked in? Well right when I said earlier it would be a good time to buy, December 17th, 2019. A couple of you sent me a comment saying you agreed and one lucky follower actually did buy in this dip. :) 

Whales Rule, Small investors drool...

Next Whale induced "dip" in the #Bitcoin repeat ramp of 2019 Jan. to June? 'The algorithmic driven trading pattern says?':

January 28th to February 8th. prior to 

Next Ramp Dip?

Likely A good time for WHALES to cash out to FIAT to prep for: a- buying Spring Break holiday adventures and, b-  buying giant gifts for Valentine's Day,

because WHALES need fiat money to get it done? Yup imo. 

Whales do move markets, all of them, driven by algorithmic trading the WHALES setup, so please pay attention to these BTC dips in the ramp,  as DIPS however brief or long, are good opportunities to buy, and lousy times to sell (unless you have a private short contract).

It will be interesting to see which altcoins actually make it up the ramp with 2X or higher valuations  end of  June 2020, 2X higher than what they had in Mid December 2019. I will report back in June on this very topic to see which ones performed or got towed up this "algorithmic trading driven" repeat market/BTC ramp, prior to the summer buying "dip" and pre-2020 election nervous "dip" I expect to happen..., after the US election, its going to be VERY interesting for crypto, in a positive way.

Will the 'greater' crypto market, on a whole, ramp up slow or steeply, led by BTC, or will the altcoins start to take a bigger share of the market pie, that is the fork in the road I think is coming.

If the cross-chain solutions prove to scale, are secure and get decent adoption by the Whales before the end of 2020, it will be a great close to the year for altcoins delivering real Fintech and Main St. value, heading into 2021.

IF that doesn't happen in whole or in part, then the market growth will be more of the same, with BTC maximalist WHALES leading the way in to 2021. 

What I do know for sure, It's not often we, the small investor class, get to double our money in 6 months, so please do pay attention to the charts and the repeat algorithmic  "META" behavior  driven by WHALE human logic 'wants' of the wealthy, it's your opportunity to capture a big 2X gain with BTC and high value altcoins, imo. 

Happy New Year.

To learn a bit more about who the WHALES might be and how they behave check this post out as well.



TK over and out. :)


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