The Reset: Silver,& Gold, Root Stock & Seeds AND Maybe.. a few cryptos?
Are You Ready in CryptoLand for the Economic Reset

The Reset: Silver,& Gold, Root Stock & Seeds AND Maybe.. a few cryptos?

That is if your Internet network connection survives a Big Prolonged (and likely planned) Blackout.

The Post Apocalyptic Economic Reset Period of our lives might be just around the corner AND,

What will you do?

Think the Internet will be still up everywhere when the RESET happens?

Will you wait to the last minute?

Is Silver Stacking the way to go as a backup 'local currency' plan? (If you can find it)

What do you have to barter?

Do you have a plan to Thrive, not just survive?

Are you ready?

A List of the TOP 4 Plausible Outcomes Reported out there:

#1 Crash it all: Economic Reset -Possibility #1

    If you hold all the cards and are prepared in advance, well, it's an awfully easy button to push. Ask yourself this. Do the BIG whale investors on WS  and elsewhere have that luxury? Likely, as the all have more money than well, the big guy in the sky.

#2 Transition to Crypto Gently: So Centralized Digital Currencies can Catch-up & Co-opt -Possibility #2

   What we are doing right now, with Wyoming likely being the only notable exception (A WY crypto firewall if you will)

#3 Reboot National Economy: - Velvet Revolution or Complete Civil War?- Possibility #3

   In the former, you need a unifying figure with a clear path to prosperity, the latter, well is not good. A Distinct possibility likely to be contested after 2020 in November in the USA. That said who ever wins will need to clean up the financial mess, maybe with #1, some of #2 and a bit of #3.

#4 Debt Jubilee- The Monotheistic Pipe Dream Hopium? - Possibility 4

   Oh there is part of the public that hope for this one, the part with gobs of debt they can't possibly pay back. Think Fracking Companies, Student Educational Debt (Don't go, convert that cash to silver, learn on-line valuable survival, food and wholistic/plant medicine info, as most courses in Uni & College are worthless these days) and, those in the consumer space living large with giant multiple mortgages, now parked on the job sidelines  and "penniliess" because of the #Plandemic, wondering if they still have a job. (Waiting for a  govt. vaccine so they can get a useless govt. check.)

Don't have one? Better get one fast...

Your Personal Economic Reset Plan: Got One?

Here are are few ideas to consider: not exhaustive, but you will 'get the drift', do your homework.

A. Currency- Silver Coins and even Copper Coins (real ones) with Silver content 90% or more are useful. Thy can be weighed by date and assigned a value, so get a scale, any size  (and old one with weights is good) so you can help re-enable local currency use. 

B. Cuttings/Cold Store Root Stock/Seeds-  The first two address #perma-culture  (to grow food bearing trees and bushes) will be important as much as annual crop seeds.  Learn about cuttings, get a sharp knife, root stock can be cut as well from existing bushes and cold stored over winter for planting in the spring. The challenge with perma-culture is the bush or tree might take 4 to 7 years to yield food. All can be used as currency when you don't have any coins to trade for things you need. Know your growing areas and plant accordingly after the seasonal spring last frost. Get to know soil types and sun exposure levels of plants and what grows best in each.

C. Bulk Dried Food: Black Turtle Beans, Sprouted Hemp, Buckwheat Groats, #Chia, et al, are fine examples, go buy 'em, bag 'em and store 'em in a cool p[lace. Read up on this, Un-dented CANS are OK, vacuum pack food is really expensive and needs a lot of water. Powdered processed foods are not all that great. Store up some B12 since you wont be eating much eggs, dairy, meat and cheese. Get yourself fit and, used to a raw greens and steamed greens and beans diet. Miss Rice (most of it is polluted with heavy metals, organic is hard to find.)? Then do organic Lentils or all colours. Remember a Water Buffalo is not a meat eater and, as a group Water Buffalo seriously feared by Lions, Hyenas & Jackals (yeah the unprepared types), so you will stay strong on this diet and stay with your group.

D. Cooking Devices: Solar Oven/Plate (Works indoors in the morning as well ). Magnifying glass (focus the sun, start a fire), Foil, Sheet Metal for reflection of Sun Rays, retention of heat, Electric Hot plates IF you have battery charging  (The work DC direct connect, just ground properly)

E. Water- GET Lots of it, buy the big 5 gal (20l) or even 10 gal (40l) Plastic bottles now for re-use, store in the cellar, find and secure access to a local well, use barter or currency to do it. You will need water for cleaning 

F. Communications- Maybe, just maybe shortwave is still working in the Marine Network (you can run IP over it believe it or not, slowly) and CB radios are still working, if you throw them in a "alu" insulated pouch before the EMP blast, aimed your way, hits. It could happen. If the cell network still works after this, then who really is listening? They will find you. Not a good idea to use that cell phone, they have mastered location via signal triangulation.

G. Travel: Get a hard to find. pre-electronic age 'beater' pre-1986, with 'point style' ignition and few electrical options as a backup set of wheels, otherwise bring you bike indoors and protect it, get yourself a few spare sets of tires and a couple of repair kits, and get yourself a bike basket, or rear bike rack and a set of saddles. Same goes for motor cycles, if the gas supply chain dies you won't be doing anything with cars or motorbikes. Live on a farm? Get that horse in shape, and teach those goats and donkeys to really pull something. If the beater is a bright color, then change it, with a roller and can of flat paint. Grey is  hard to to notice, especially at dawn and dusk, which is the best time to travel, if you have to. 

H. Electricity: Wind and Solar Chargers to battery bank, with outputs to which your Communications gear can connect to. Get a decent converter/controller like MidNight or similar.

I. Shelter- Either organize your neighbourhood or "vote with your feet" and find a place far away from the suburbs in a small village or town where they are organized together well . Trying to go it alone will not end well. Big Cities are out. 


King Whales will dictate the Reset Terms

Liquidity & Whale Holdings Rule. 

J. Crypto-Currencies- I hate to say this, however in global shutdown and blackout scenario, you are 'hosed'. When the grid and the communications network comes on, it will be limited, to centrally controlled digital currencies which can be swapped for real fiat, if you have some that are worth it. IE the US $, Euro, UK Sterling in the west. Will they accept stable coins in the swap, maybe but don't bet on it. Will BTC and ETH survive? Maybe just maybe, if the central authorities are invested deep enough in them at the time of the RE-set, today that number you can count on one hand and none of them exist in the west.

K- Protection - There is lots of that, in well organized numbers of  people sharing a similar well being 'ilk'.  Distance yourself from the unprepared reactionaries, they will be pillaging and scrounging anything they can get, best to steer clear of that. Protection Devices is a personal choice, projectile, electric, kinetic, chemical, sound, light, the list is long and each have a place. Don't think the reactionaries won't figure this part out, so organize those in the small town and village you pick to think and take action the same way, only smarter, do some training, work as a group, organize the landscape and deployment of protection and alert/alarms accordingly for max. protection.

L- Shelter- Think HVAC is passive way, sunlight facing Morning, lighting which is low energy consumption (thank you LED tech)  and a way to charge up both. Lately there have been nifty micro , hand-held  cooling units which run on  very little electricity, you will need batteries. All those  post 1986 cars that don't work out there, scavenge, they won't work again, and learn how to wire batteries in parallel with good grounding and ventilation.  Solar hook up shelters will be a a premium. Lots of micro heating furnaces in hardware stores and camping supply stores. Learn how to wash yourself  sparingly with a sponge and re-use/reclaim water efficiently. Don't rely on the toilets, this means building a shack and digging a latrine hole, cottage style, so get at it while the weather is good if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. AS for Bumwad (toilet paper) it will run out fast, which means think  re-usable cloth (which needs soap and uses some water) and/or alternative paper, brown  thin wrapper paper and/or brown bag stuff, wet first before using, then dry. 

M- Crypto Liquidity- On the outside chance we sense the Reset coming, get out of the altcoin space and at least into #BTC, #ETH, and maybe #LTC, #Bcash, top 20 stuff with excellent multi-market liquidity directly to Fiat. If there is a reset there will be a swap, hopefully they wont black us out at all, but then again that's just me hoping. If there are a enough Big Whales staked in the Top 20, they will likely survive and reboot, albeit slowly. I will likely be  useful to get used to #P2P person to person trades & settlement now,  via a decent #DEX Distributed Exchange.

N. Personal Hygiene/Health - finger and toe nail clippers, extra Toothbrushes, baking soda (lots of it for brushing and cleaning). Let's face it Crest, Colgate is loaded with fluoride  and sucrose, so might as wll start using it now. Hydrogen Peroxide is cheap and great for insect bites , pimples small abrasions to keep the infections at bay. Vitamins C (500mg per day), D And A, lots of bottles, Vitamin E for your eyes and skin. Lutien  for your eyes (or lots of dried blueberries) . Dried Seaweed (Kelp & Dulse) for your daily Iodine Dose (keeps you really healthy). Teas-  Load up on Dry leaf Green Tea and a variety of health and medicinal teas (Might as well drink your health. right?) Coffee? forget it. Use Black Teas instead, or if you can find it get a big package of Herbe Matte (South American wonder Caffiene with slow long caffiene release). If you are in really tough, Chia will save the day, you can survive on two level tablespoons per day, almost for ever (Food of the Gods, banned by the Spanish/ RC Church in the 1500s, Aztec way of life..). Can't get any sleep, then Linden Poplar leaves dried and ground up will knock you out in small doses as a tea, best stuff out there. (Just make sure you know how to identify the tree before you grab some leaves. )


Scott Adams Wally tellin' it the way it is...

Plan to Thrive not just Survive the Economic reset.

Remember to plan for a 6 month shortage to get through the winter in Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere is better positioned

IF BTC and ETH survive as will Ripple and Tether (NYCs gold crypto children), then post Reset, it comes down to how the Internet is allowed to reboot by Govt Region. If your Federal govt has control of it 100% or a few big companies control the backbone, then expect the reboot to serve their interests first, which is not to let much crypto traffic if any flow over their  'limited' networks.


Do 'They' do anything Better?

Who would do such a thing? A govt near you?

The ones with the most to gain and,  it 'aint' you or me if you are reading this post. NYC, SF, Chicago, London, HK, Zurich, Paris and maybe Frankfurt might be immune to the effects of the reset , since this is where many of the Big Whales operate their money hunkered down in Type IV Data Centers with SOC 2 compliance. 

This is one post I don't want to be saying I told you so BUT, better to be prepared now than later.

Who knows what is going to happen post 2020 US Election which regardless of outcome will likely be contested yet again by either side if they lose.

Do you really want to take that chance?  Not a good choice Especially IF  the west gets into a hot Kinetic war with CN and the "rods of god" start flying everywhere from space to earth.


Don't do this in the first three weeks ;)

My Advice? Do it now not later... Get Your Reset Plan together, now.

Plan Now for the worst and hope for the best, Stay Safe and BE vigilant, always on the watch for the signs.

And finally get active in your local community emergency planning committee, do some education on everyone's behalf.

Local Network protection of fibre municipal backbones  and local colo/DCs may in fact be key to the local reboot of your community and the re-boot of the world of crypto if this whole thing does go sideways.

Be safe.

TK over and out!






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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012
Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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