KULTUR TKOs #006: The Blockchain US 2022 Election Fix- WITHOUT TCP/IP?
US Elections 2022 without TCP/IP using blockchain online?

KULTUR TKOs #006: The Blockchain US 2022 Election Fix- WITHOUT TCP/IP?

What!? No TCP/IP Internet with online voting in 2022? That fast? Totally Transparent?  Quantum Computer Hack Proof too? Hybrid Paper Support? WTF?


Ok, most in crypto will get that keeping track of Bio metrically validated voters with voterIDs on the blockchain and issuing ERC NFT 1155 Protocol tokens in non Fungible mode, where 1 token= 1 vote, which when 'spent' is immutably(un-changeably) attached to the distributed public ledger employed, such a set of techniques can go along way to fixing what the Arizona Audit has revealed which is massive voting fraud  employing many different attack methods. Also Serialised paper ballots matched to the Bio-metrically validated voter ID can also be kept track of and matched to their digital token twin vote, where smart contract logic for the voting precinct ensures either one or the other is valid, but not both.

Doing all of the above WITHOUT the good ole Internet is another story, right?


It's already here, has been for awhile

First, where's the Quantum Hack Proof Protection to be found to protect the TCP/IP protocols used?  M-I-A that's where.

Believe Rand? partly about the how and the  who and the why but not the when, it's already here..

Second, where is the dataflow control in TCP/IP to stop route poisoning and redirection via the Border Gateway Protocol? M-I-A, that is where.

The Zoom story is famous, having their US client traffic hijack routed through China via BGP route poisoning for easy CCP and PLA real time copying and later Quantum Hack snooping of the  binary data stream.  These breaches of security in the Internet happen every day, it turns out, in many weird and wonderful ways to our worldwide TCP/IP, BGP powered Internet.  

Whoops! WTF?

You can take my word for it, as I was one of the first 100 employees at Cisco and one of the first in Canada in 1989, so I know what I am talking about, having worked in the space since 1984. 

Friends of crypto, the TCP/IP suite is now 50 years old, with so many attack surfaces, and standards trying to patch up the security holes, no one can keep count or keep track. sadly we all trust the Internet to shuttle our data  and store of value wealth around, never mind our vote.

Are there really any Quantum Computer Hacker White Hats?

Plugging the Security holes of TCP/IP is a never ending battle. Its only getting worse as Quantum Computers are used as hacking devices today to break the strongest of encryptions. All  the hackers need is a copy of the data, via route poisoning in BGP to direct data packets to other adjacent routers in busy times and voila, the chance to copy is created. Copy gets made of the stream of interest, stored right away, then later 'processed' via Quantum Computer Hacking algorithms to break your encryption, regardless of the data type.

We live in a binary world of zeros and ones my friends and Quantum Computers can do in 15 minutes what takes a year using regular  super computers with thousands of nodes. Whoops. Do you trust SHA256 SHA1, etc? Big mistake.


Binary Quantum Computer Hackers do however, have an Achilles heel.

Quantum Computer Assisted Hacker's Achilles heel? Binary Computing

It's called Ternary computing, the world of +1, zero, -1 computing.  A world Quantum Computer assisted hackers know nothing about...

Quantum Hack Proof Data Flow Protection- It's very real...

PKI  Public Key Encryption of your data created using Ternary Numbers hashed with Ternary Number based Algorithms, create a formidable defence against  Quantum Computer equipped hackers. In fact this approach is sure to  cause BIG panic in the hearts of such hackers white or black hat.

You have to go back to the Soviet Setun Ternary Main Frames to really catch a glimpse of the mathematics imposed as well,  with some of those ternary or "trinary" techniques re-applied by #IOTA in their own curious way.

The US company I work for, ORCASTRA , is on a similar journey providing this type of protection to our clients per their private systems.

As such there is no practical reason, other than having the expertise to employ these techniques, the same techniques cannot be applied to fix the US 2020 Election Voting debacle, now definitively exposed as a giant exercise in cheating 50 ways to Sunday, by the Arizona Senate sponsored Maricopa County Audit of the US 2020 Election result.

Maricopa County  and the US 2022 Election can be fixed online , using TPKI and Distributed Public Ledgers in Tandem

Non-IP Networks live today everywhere as 'OSI Layer Two' MAC circuit Switching over PCIexpress connected motherboards

"Operating Flawlessly in a Computer Backplane near you."

That's right. Your Mac, Chrome Book, Ms Windows PC, Linux PC, Linux Servers most all  operate 'in the box' on a  physical data bus called PCIexpress, which is plug n play. Plug in a card the Operating system recognises the card and it just works.

Magic right?

Underneath the hood there is some auto-learning of addresses among bus connected devices going on storing that data in LUTS lookup Tables for easy reference when connecting one source of data origin to its target destination on the bus. Once an application 'writes' data to the destination, the data gets placed in a switched virtual circuit (their might be two buses or more connected) or in a permanent virtual circuit, sent as fast as possibly (the clock speed of the bus) without delay in "Real Time".

That's right all of the devices have data buses which are PCIexpress circuit switched. Data files or block or streams of data get chopped into 1024 byte piece yb the PCIexpress integrated circuits and are sent right away to the destination address on the end of the circuit, where the speed is based on how many channels are used physical 1, 4, 8, 16 and now even 32 channels offering what is in network raw speed terms about 960 gigabits a second with the latter number of channels, using the PCIe 5.0 specification. PCIexpress is the future and the here and now if you truly need the real time speed.

Oh wait, leaving Ethernet, Infiniband and Fibre Channel behind, the PCIe 6.0 and 7.0 standards now emerging offer even more speed, doubling with each standard number. Using Computer Protocols, yet still supporting much slower communication protocols TCP and UDP over IP if you need them.

That said, innovation is occurring in evoting  as planned for  the US 2022 rollout, implemented with hybrid paper/electronic curbside voting in Texas without fixing the real problem, that is,  protection against Quantum Computer Assisted Hackers, both foreign and domestic.

Circa OCtober 21st Post on India evoting progress targeting remote voting areas

Protecting the Hybrid Paper Ballot and eVote System Heading our way:

Smart Contracts, Non Fungible Tokens, Quantum Hack Proof Networking, Serialized Ballots, BioMetric VoterID Validation

The proven tools are all out there, systems engineering brings it all together, if the integrator has the chops. Validation of the system safe deployment, operation and reporting must be effected through proven third party experts. After the result, you still do the audit to make sure what was expected actually happened, ON THE SAME DAY. Interestingly the country of India  leads the way, with a 2024 target.

Not 11 months later.

Cyberninjas getting it done in Arizona Maricopa County, uncovering the US Election steal in 2020, one ballot at a time.

100% Transparency in 100% Protected Voting Systems- Myth, Magic or Real? Without TCP/IP?

Now that CyberNinjas has show us the Arizona  big cheat and the way to audit in a meticulous fashion to expose such skullfakery, we finally have a baseline of audit excellence needed  to create a NEW hybrid voting system for  the US 2022 Election,  which will be Quantum Hack Proof Secure with geo-fenced Data flows stating within each precinct, rolled up safely as results for all to see, in a very timely fashion, on the same night we vote.

The USA and indeed the rest of the world need the crypto communities to join in with the above specialised  ternary security and  PCIexpress networking communities to create NEW hybrid paper ballot/evoting voting solutions which actually, for the first time,  can be trusted by the people, enabling the  will of the people on voting day, every time, transparently and perfectly.

As developers in the crypto and distributed ledger communities, we have no technical excuses to hide behind.

We can Make Elections Great Again #MEGA -  for hybrid paper/online voting we can trust with 100% transparency to the voter, almost instanteously.

So Chop, chop you techie types, get on with it. ;)

TK over and out




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