KULTUR TKOs #004: DayMak- A new Dawn for Car Mined Crypto : SPIRITUS+Nebula

KULTUR TKOs #004: DayMak- A new Dawn for Car Mined Crypto : SPIRITUS+Nebula

BTC, ETH and DOGE via car mining while you are parked... or driving!

Tres cool!

Daymak of Toronto, Canada has 20 years selling/supporting  and designing  personal transport in the alternative EV motive space, powering people transporters with electricity. Now Daymak has announced June 1st, 2021 SPIRITUS will be your answer for mining crypto in your car in both Deluxe and Ultimate forms.

Now get this, be prepared to launch your  mining rig  and self (maybe with a passenger)  down the Autobahn in the Daymak Avvenire Ultimate model at 209km/hr with 420km range electrically  and go 0-60mph or 100kmhr in just 1.8 seconds,  definitely go-cart fast , winning crypto mining rewards in BTC, ETH and DOGE along the way. 

For those crypto fans looking to crypto mine the above and offset the cost of their new DayMak commuter class Spiritus two seater, three wheel rocket, mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin , the Nebula option package can be optionally ordered & built into the Spiritus solar charged and electrically powered innovation, which costs a lofty US $125000.00  in Ultimate form with the above  specs compared, where Daymak also offers  a tuned down mobile miner option as a  three  wheeler 2 seat driving experience in the Deluxe model, with no luggage space and a  reduced local commuter range starting at US $19995.00, with an 85mph, 130kmh top speed and slower yet more than acceptable 0-60mph  acceleration in 6.9sec.

Daymak has a nice set of deposit perks as well to check out on their website when you make your mobile miner reservation.

Now get this, the Daymak Ultimate version will support autonomous driving, while you mine with Nebula, likely the world's first mobile autonomous mining rig!

Both models capable of being mobile mining rigs with solar power charging will ship in 2023 provided Daymak gets to 50,000 unit order book total for the combined models which share many of the under the hood parts.

The Ultimate version imo really takes the mobile mining driving experience in to the 'Cyber-X' zone for 100K more...customized to your liking because of all the combination variants.

Personally being able to mine crypto and drive your vehicle is  really compelling. Being able to solar power the whole vehicle and regenerate battery juice with braking makes so much sense. Hey, win a few coins  as mining rewards and the higher price tag fear/sticker price shock  of the Ulitmate model goes away fast.

Need solid warm climate commuting with really good economy?  Then Daymak has your solution, #BTC #ETH #DOGE crypto mining included with the Nebula mining Option.

Talk about challenging cultural norms, commuting to work could make a big comeback if this car mining crypto innovation really catches on.

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