CBDCs are Dead? Long Live Bitcoin in 2025?

CBDCs are Dead, Long Live Crypto? Bitcoin as accepted currency in the US in 2025 Post Election?

Well this past week the US House  put a stop to the US govt thinking they can create a CBDC.

Now lets wait for the Senate's response.

It's clear the people behind Rubber Masked Joe are not pleased.

That said the current regime are in their 'lame duck' presidency period.

The bigger questions are will there actually be a US election this fall and will it be fair?

 In the case of the former, the obvious no will be backed up by an installed temporary govt administration backed by the US military until they can fix the election machinery to be fair. How long that takes is anybody's guess.

That said the USA Republic first incarnation was indeed 'founded' by the Continental Army which to this day its incarnations have generally 'run the show' behind the curtains since day one, with a civilian government front end facing "Us the People"  telling us we live in a democratically elected and governed Republic.

The truth be told, is that after the civil war,  U. Grant,  the 17th president of the Republic was in so much UK debt paying for their Blue destruction of the competing Grey south, that in order for the Blue side to satisfy their debt obligations, the Republic was scrapped, amendments were made to the original Constitution and the bill of rights and the creation of new money occurred under a new entity called the Corporation of the United States of America, complete with new gold fringed flag,  which concluded with a restructured debt repayment deal with the UK as managed by Rothschild Banking, keeping the American people enslaved and beholden to the crown, ever since.

And now here we are, five months away from what is supposed to be the US 2024 Election, with the current mainstream media still telling us everything we want to know and that things are normal.

Do you believe any of it? 

Certainly the CBDC thing is about to be put to rest in the US barring some split decision with the Senate or some trumped up presidential executive order over-ruling the House vote this past week.

If the Senate or the office of the president does in fact act in the above manner, then imo all bets are off on where crypto will go until after the US Election 2024.

Should we all look for the US to shift into the 18th Republic and return to the old Constitution, dragging the decent Bill of Rights amendments with it, then adjusting it to include Bitcoin as a  US form of of legal tender, together with gold and silver?

Maybe, time will tell in early 2025, where this is all going, that is for sure, when the new President is elected, or the Military installs a caretaker govt to buy time to fix many things that are clearly not functioning in the US and the rest of the affected world.

That's all for now,

TK over and out!


P.S- The good news is gold and silver is happening 'ground up' in the USA,  'State by State' !!!

Plus most all the commercial and central banks are right now,  scrambling like crazy now to buy gold to shore up their capital reserve banking positions early rather than late with gold and silver , to 'keep them in the game'. Those banks slow to move in th direction anywhere will likely not be around in 2-3 years as fiat get's dropped as a an international settlement 'store of value' in favour of gold, silver and likely bitcoin. Don't be surprised if silver starts to show in dime size "dollar'' form as  new coinage in some countries with a gram weight stamped on it. where the value of the gram with the value in quoted in US  dollar as a measure of accounting only, together with a bunch of other legacy fiat types also relegated to a simple measure of accounting to facilitate both crypto silver token exchange for real silver and silver paper currency also denominated in gram amounts not US Dollars. 








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