Publishing Platforms And An Infinite Number Of Parallel Universes Gravitating around content

By arcanu | Breaking Down Value | 21 Sep 2020

It is common knowledge that 'Internet' gravitates around content, be it visual, as in Instagram or Pinterest, or written as on blogging platforms. Nowadays with the expansion of Blockchain technology, we are in the midst of many changing conditions that influence the way we view, create, and share content on the Internet. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are paving the way for creative industries, allowing us to weave new spaces and revenue-generating methods. 

Currently, there are several platforms that distribute cryptocurrencies in exchange of content, and speculative interest, offering an opportunity to creators as well as readers. All those who have the ability or curiosity to photograph, create memes, music, to write and provide clear and concise guides, news and informational reviews, specialized analysis or consumer reviews, or to make others dream and think, will find a multiplicity of spaces that search writers (and not only) capable of producing 'quality' content and willing to receive cryptocurrencies in exchange for the time they invest, thus opening space for a new economic universe.

These platforms need the content creators and the interest of people in order to develop their ecosystem and grow the interest and visibility of their assets, the platform token. Like everything in Economy, speculation, and attention can make the 'value' grow, or not. And this is the thing about cryptocurrencies or fiat. People are what makes a coin valuable. The belief or trust people put into a coin, project, or whatever, is what makes the offer, and that same belief is what makes the demand. 

People tend to be tribal and this feature can unite or drive away. That's why we can read about why blockchain agnosticism is the future. Platforms that allow multiple different chains. 

When we analyze a crypto-blogging driven community we can take into consideration many factors like the developers behind the project, the novelty of the project, the problem it's trying to solve or the opportunity it brings, how the community behind it trust the developers, how strong is the partnership they are able to secure, the road map, what is expected from its contributors, the rewards, and the overall feeling of the community itself. 

Some see platforms as a business they can profit, others as their homes and communities, others are somewhere in between. 'Money' attracts all sorts of people. A content platform that is full of spam, bots, ghosts, echoes can be a way for generating a few bucks. But will it resist? Only time, the capacity to reinvent itself, and the strength of other platforms, new ones with a vision and service, can tell.  

To the opposite also applies the same rule, may a platform with tribal and elitist communities thrive in a multiverse of opportunities and chains? 

There's a message in all this blurry economic transition... we might think it's about money and profit, or rules of well-written words and structured concepts, or tribes... or green and circular economy... but it's not only... it's about the decentralization of power on the outside world and the centralization of power on the inside world. It's about accepting the diversity, it's about knowing there are differences and we don't have to unify everything. It's about the joy in learning, teaching, making mistakes and get it right, dancing, and sharing the mess we are.

It's about looking at the mirror and being aware it's only an illusion, a game of light and perception. It´s about becoming in imperfect unison a nervous system that allows multiple different chains...

We should strive less to impress and more to grow inside out!

I wish us all the continuation of a positive life, centered on healthy forms of communication and solutions for an abundant present and a richer and fairer future.

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Breaking Down Value
Breaking Down Value

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