FLETA TOKEN joins the Bithumb family

FLETA TOKEN joins the Bithumb family

The token of the platform with greater scalability demonstrated in real use cases with 14,000 TPS, will be listed in the Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange, which is ranked number 11 by liquidity, according to CoinMarketCap.

To celebrate this event, the exchange will launch an airdrop to all those who participate on February 17, 18 and 18 for a total of 19.5 million tokens to be distributed among the participants.

The delivery of the tokens will be based on the percentage of participation that each user has with an average of 1 FLETA token for every 13,000 KRW «~ 10 USD» that is traded during the event on the platform.

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Meanwhile, the technical analysis of the FLETA chart shows that the token presents a good moment, with a definite ascending channel that began last Tuesday, February 11 that had its maximum above USD 0.010 for a profit close to +50% ago two days and that generally accumulates in the month of February a positive performance of +29.22%.



After having generated an inverted pattern S-H-S, the FLETA token prepares to follow its upward trajectory after the announcement of Bithumb exchange to admit it among its coin offerings, which it could generate for the next weekend returning close to 50% again.

In that sense, the Aroon indicator is pointing out that after the withdrawal of profits and the decline in the market in general, the bullish signal of the indicator begins to take off for a new bull run.

Chaikin Money Flow still presents good levels of money inflow to the internal FLETA ecosystem, with the average line above 'zero'.

Finally, the RSI indicator has gone out of the sales limit to start entering the purchase area as the pressure on the asset grows from acquiring it by many investors in one of the most important cryptocurrency market exchanges currently as It's Bithumb Exchange.

In conclusion, the FLETA token was one of the few that had a substantial fall in recent days, after the market entered into correction, so the entry opportunity is ideal due to the strong support that has been created in the area of 0.009, the highest level in the last thirty days.

At the close of this post, FLETA is trading at a spot price of $ 0.009756 USD, with a profit of +4.27% in the last 24 hours and occupies the position number 432 of the general ranking according to CMC, climbing almost 100 steps in the last days .


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