$ 85 million in the EOS cryptocurrency moved the whales today in two transfers.

Amid the downward pressure of Bitcoin and the main assets of the ecosystem, the whales have been operating on certain altcoins within the top 20 of the ecosystem, as I have reviewed in previous opportunities. The purpose logically goes to amass more fortune through tokens or coins that have a 'more manageable' marketcap and thus think of a manipulation of prices in the main asset with the sufficient volume that requires this type of actions on BTC.

Already in our report yesterday we mentioned the amount of important transfers that occurred on EOS, at that time approximately $ 26.9 million, equivalent to seven million EOS.

Now, today, an important sum was extracted from the Huobi exchange towards a wallet of the same whale that was activated yesterday, as we can see in the following image.


As you can see, the amount involved in the transaction on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 was 20 million EOS for an estimated value at the time of the transfer of $ 74,028,990 USD.

Two minutes later, the same whale wallet that has been involved in recent transactions for more than 27 million EOS in the last two days, generated a movement of 3,000,000 EOS to another wallet with an unknown address, as reports Whale-alert.io.



The reasons behind the transactions remain unknown, and it remains to be seen whether or not it will affect the price of EOS significantly. At the time of writing, EOS is trading at a spot price of $ 3.73 USD, with a negative change in the last 24 hours of -1.06%.

In the last seven days, the price of EOS has been in a slow but relatively constant increase, after breaking a healthy resistance level at $ 3.40, broken last Saturday, September 7. However, in recent days EOS has declined in growth, although in recent hours it has seen a significant increase from $ 3.70 to the current price.

Apparently we are witnessing another attempt to manipulate the market through EOS, as it is possible that as a result of the whale's action, the buying pressure on the altcoin increases, since the whale is not interested in sell as we have seen. Its second decent transfer of three million EOS makes us presume that the sale may occur in an OTC and not in the open market for now.


Houbi the great protagonist.


For many acquaintances of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the giant exchange Huobi exerts a great knowledge on the market, which even has one of the richest BTC wallets in the crypto sphere and is widely used by whales to manipulate prices, in addition to being accused on several occasions to exchange about its actions in the market, qualifiable as a crypto whale more.

In the last week we have witnessed the significant movement of money from whales to the exchange and vice versa, without exception today with two transactions where crypto exchange is involved.

The first occurred at 10:53:37 UTC on September 11 for the amount of 616 BTC ($ 6,211,693 USD) from a wallet of unknown origin to the exchange.

Subsequently, one hour later, 500,000 HT were withdrawn from the exchange for an amount of $ 2,155,591 USD to an unknown wallet.

The day was closed by the Paxos stablecoin, witnessing a movement of just over 7 million PAX taken from Paxos treasury towards a wallet of unknown origin.


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