Your time... your decisions...

Your time... your decisions...

By Tarcam76 | BRAZIL_Investments | 2 Jul 2020


Looking for the 6th vertex to build an hexagon - see the CRYPTO PENTAGON - I found a lot of daily habits that are already exist and someone monetize your time.... yes, your time!... of course, you can take something to yourself, and the cryptoworld is helping with tokens.

Someones are good, others just scamming - no judgement, just my opinion.

So, returning on the subject: to find a new vertex, I need to organize to have an overview about the 5 daily actions already monetized with sites and apps I´ve tested.


#1. a browser - BRAVE

BRAVE gives you some privacy and payments for advertising: BAT token. So, why still use others?

People are using and posting about CRYPTO.TAB, and probably winning BTC with it, but some posts are not good, so I decided to not use it.



So, BATs on the pocket...

If want to use my referral:


#2. research on internet - PRESEARCH

PRESEARCH gives you PRE token (0.25 per research - max  per day - 1k to withdraw)... and using GOOGLE. So, why not?

To automatized your work, you can add the extension on BRAVE brower (or others) and without any extra pain (just 3s for adv) you get the tokens.

So, PREs on the pocket...

If want to use my referral:


#3. post, share, read - PUBLISH0X

No need to waste your time... you are here, learning and sharing your knowledge and ideas... and money? DAIs, BATs and LRCs...

If want to use my referral:


#4. watch, publish videos and pictures - LIBRARY

LBRY is like YOUTUBE, but every daily watch done will bring you LBC token (0.5~5 per day)

LBCs on the pocket...

If want to use my referral:$/invite/@tarcam76:3


#5. learn, read, review - EVERIPEDIA

It is like WIKIPEDIA, but you can get IQ token posting or reviewing other posts.

IQs on the pocket...



#6. ??????

Now the new vertex...

- GAMING? I tried SPLINTERLAND, but I do not wanna deposit USD10 - suggestions?

- FAUCETING? I am trying these sites: COINTIPLY, FAUCETCRYPTO, FREEBITCO, THECRYPTOFAUCET.... maybe FAUCETs will be the way - it cannot take more than couple minutes from me. Thank you ionutzu97 and your posts (please visit and tip them). The tokens I keep on my wallets&exchanges:  ATOMIC WALLET, BINANCE, KUCOIN and STAKECUBE - could be interesting.

- WALKING and EXERCISING? I found some posts here: and - could be interesting.

- GAMBLING? Not for me, even in FREEBITCO.

- WATCHING ADULT CONTENTS? No, tks... but colleagues sent interesting posts here: and and (all tipped for interesting content).

- STAKING? it is more an investment decision than an action itself... I do with BINANCE (and lending), KUCOIN and ATOMIC WALLET.

- MINING? No, tks. Even with CRYPTO.TAB.

- SHARING PRO PHOTOS? Yes, but I am not a PRO. Sure I would get ZERO coins for that.


What do you think? Suggestions?


Thank you for reading and sharing your knowledge and experiences here.


Be safe.




Sharing experiences; Crypto fan.


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