Brave - the browser we can trust. secure, fast, private, rewards.
Brave browser with brave search engine

Brave - the browser we can trust. secure, fast, private, rewards.

Do you know Brave already? While exploring the world of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and other related stuff I quickly tumbled across Brave.

My browser history is like nearly everyone else I know. It started with Internet-Explorer, memes started to evolve, Chrome was the non plus ultra. It still is the most used browser in the world - but what if I could tell you that you can use a browser which is faster, more secure, more private and you can earn money while using it - even if its not regular.

Thats the concept of Brave.


The built-in BraveShield blocks Ads for you and blocks tracking traffic as well. This leads to a better browsing experience while saving data, hence making everything faster. You might asking yourself now: How you can I support my favorite websites then? Well there is an easy solution called auto-contribute. There you can support your favorite websites automatically. auto-contributeBut there is another way as well, you can support websites or even youtubers by clicking the brave-reward icon and tipping an amount.send tip

The Ads you see while browsing are private - no personal data is sent to the advertiser. You can change the ads/hour to control your income. The best feature in my eyes is that the ads are very discrete, sometimes its the background of your new tab, sometimes a notification on windows - im perfectly fine with this. 

The built-in Tor-browser is a great idea in my opinion. You dont have to switch browsers to connect into the onion network and you need 0 technical knowledge to browse 100% private.

There is also a new beta feature available now - braves own search engine. In future you should earn extra rewards while using the brave search engine too.



  • Its faster than other browser, thanks to the inbuilt BraveShield (AD and tracking block),
  • it can be very secure because you can access the TOR Network with brave as well
  • its private due to the fact that your data isnt sent to advertisers or pages out there
  • On top it features a reward system - actually paying you 70% of ad revenues.

All in all I have to say that im very satisfied with Braves unique features and the earnings arent bad too. With one mobilephone and two desktops I got 1,78 BAT in just under 2 weeks, which is 1,50$ currently.



best wishes ntz410 from germany


PS: I had CryptoTab running quite a while now but came to the conclusion that its not worth the time and "effort". You maybe gain, if the conditions are great, 1¢ per day. Thats not worth for effectively stressing your CPU and RAM while heating up your room to sauna temperatures in summer. Not my choice of gaining a passiv income. Also those browsers are not the trustworthiest in my eyes.

I hope you like my first post here on Publish0x and now know more about Brave :)

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Brave - the browser we can trust.
Brave - the browser we can trust.

Brave is the browser we all wanted but never had an eye on. its faster, more secure, more private and you can earn money while using it check the blog for more info! :)

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