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Transactions from Satoshi Nakamoto crypto bitcoin wallet done after 8.8 years.

In my last post, I had told you about great losses of crypto wallet and some preventive measures to protect your crypto wallets from that losses, which mainly include did not having a backup of crypto keys, recovery phrase and passwords, Ponzi Schemes, throwing your old computer without taking your hardware, etc. Including all of this, I had told you about the loss of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is the creator of Bitcoin (BTC) and is unknown till his lastΒ transaction in Bitcoin network.

I had also told that, if he had kept his keys and passwords safe, he will instantly become world's richest man, but throughout 8 years, his wallet address is unknown and also transaction from his wallet had been not done, so nobody could trace the amount of money in cryptocurrency mainly Bitcoin, he have in in his Bitcoin wallet.

According to Whale Alert, the company websites which detects, every crypto currencies exchanges, 616 Bitcoins, worth 29,474,,974 USD had been transferred back on 19th September, 2021.


You can see the transitions details here : -


You see presently the cost of 1 BTC is $ 19,479.11 according to

When Satoshi, did invested in BTC past 10 years in 2008, then the value of BTC is only $ 0.04, something like this, and today due to popularity of BTC in recent years from then, it's value had been drastically increased, because there are only limited numbers of Bitcoins in the market.

While, there is no confirmation that this transition is done by Satoshi himself, or someone had found his wallet details, there are many memes in the internet and thoughts about what people would ask when Satoshi present himself in now present world ?

That's had been nicely said that,

Bitcoin investment in the present world is as great as it was past 10 years ago, because who knows it's price will much more increased in future, that it can not be purchased.

Note : - I am not a financial adviser, so do your investment as you think with thinking and all knowledge about web-3, cryptocurrencies, etc.

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Market Stocks, Crypto Market & Cryptocurrency

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