Elon Musk Fuck Off

Elon Musk to stop funding for Ukraine Starlink Services.

Ever past reading my news feed today of 14th of October, I had came to the news post by New York Post about that Musk is telling that he had to yank his Starlink Services in Ukraine, after he had been told to f**k off.

Here is the article link in case you want to read it : -

Elon Musk yank Starlink Services

Here are my key notes about it and what about the future : -

1- Elon Musk had offered his Starlink satellite services to Ukraine for keeping it's army safe.

 a ) After Russian Army had destroyed many areas internet connection, there also been impossible for local people to connect to local internet that is in the city of Crimia.

 b ) In response for help, Elon Musk thought of offering his high speed Starlink Satellite 5G connection to help Ukraine Army and all the local people living there should again collaborate and connect together by the internet services.

 c ) Thought the 5G internet services by Elon Musk had not be lately offered for all over the world connection to 5G services, it's on 15th of September.

 d ) Musk offered his Space-X owned Satellites 5G connection services to Ukraine in February of 2022, which will be free.

 e ) After that commitment by Company Owner, company named Space-X had installed its terminals over various districts and country borders to keep army internet connection updated.


 f ) However not so recent, on October 3, Musk raised several criticism that came to him from people of Ukraine for help and world peace that they should end the war as soon as possible and that they should give Crimea to Russia and accept as a Russia border.

 g ) They also said that they should conduct Unsupervised "redo" of elections that Russia had stopped for many regions of the country since last month.

 h ) To this offer by Elon Musk, Ukraine national military and political leader, Andriy Melnyk, while he being ambassador to Germany write on Twitter : -

F**k Off is my very diplomatic reply to Musk.

Below is the tweet : -



 i ) After these as you see above people twitting to his post says that, Elon is not paying for his services out of his own pocket. The US government had paid for all thousands terminals for his 5G internet connection services.

 j ) After this, Elon Musk twitted this : -

“SpaceX is not asking to recoup past expenses, but also cannot fund the existing system indefinitely and send several thousand more terminals that have data usage up to 100X greater than typical households,”. “This is unreasonable.”

 k ) SpaceX then sent a letter to Pentagon, saying that the funding program should be stepped in for Ukraine.

 l ) Letter also stated that, Ukraine use of 5G services would cost $400 million per year.

 m ) SpaceX had already spent more than $80 million for safety of Ukraine.

 n ) Ukraine’s vice prime minister thanks Musk for his company services, that help the nation to restore communication infrastructure in war conditions that are destroyed by Russian missile attacks.

Thank you for reading it to last.

You made it.

Please Pray for This War to End Very Soon b/w Ukraine and Russia.

Sending You Love for all the People living in the World to Maintain Peace.



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