Impressionable Experiences: Faith's Strength: Why We Cry

Impressionable Experiences

Faith's Strength

"Why We Cry"

By:  Brandy Seymour



Brewster died last Monday

He left silently while mom cried

She was crying for his suffering of ill health

But Alice came by

An old echo from the past

To guide and comfort

So mom could have the strength to put him down.

His love for her so great

that he spared her that task

As kindreds bade him farewell

Life is amazing the way it falls into place

How Alice was our neighbor

Who always gave guidance to one suffering without

And its funny how even a dog's passing

Can offer a wonderful opportunity for the spirit to grow

For every living thing no matter how large or small

Holds just as much importance in life

As do the people we love

For we don't cry for them because they died

We cry because they went back home without us

It is to go home that we mourn

Not because someone left

We long to return home

And that is why we cry.

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Brandy Seymour
Brandy Seymour

I enjoy politics and finance and filmmaking topics.

Brandy Seymour Poetry
Brandy Seymour Poetry

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