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Blockchain technology has the capacity to increase financial inclusion and change the lives of many throughout the world, and this amazing technology has proven this and more, most importantly in emerging economies where it is most needed. There is no doubt that the ever important potentials of this revolutionary technology has been generally recognized in the crypto space, even among those that has heavily criticized Bitcoin itself. The idea of the VENICE SWAP project is to additionally enhance the performance and smooth running of the cryptocurrency industry and strengthen the digital system of cryptocurrency transaction more by making facilities and assistance available for traders to work with diverse assets, and this involves sufficient, proficient and professional management of assets, trading and investing with the right and profitable digital currencies, and this has brought about a digital cryptocurrency exchanges is extremely dependable and with quite a good number of credible open digital market infrastructure that ensures access to proper and safe trading and buying of digital assets with the user's location anywhere in the world not been a problem, this revolutionary platform has also been designed to be user friendly, very secure and widely accepted all over the world. Please kindly read along as i let you on this revolutionary platform, the VENICE SWAP.




Venice Swap developers has designed a unique decentralized swap and revolutionary exchange platform, which will seamlessly provide a one stop cryptocurrency trading and swap experience which is matchless, and this will efficiently utilize, remodel, update and hereby giving users a easy to use, technologically and user friendly techniques which will redefine users of the platform experiences with unique services.

The aim of the project is the adopt VENICE token as its internal fuel on the platform, hereby creating a public ledger blockchain-based Venice Swap platform. Venice Swap platform wants to make sure that cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world, who wants to experience something revolutionary have a on-stop trading experience, and hereby providing exceptional tools over time to satisfy users of the platform trading needs.

Built on the vast Ethereum Blockchain, Venice Swap creates a flawless swap interface for ERC-20 tokens, and the platform has also provided a decentralized application which is done by actively integrating key technologies which gives a seamless experience. Venice Swap is bent on expanding it’s coverage as it supports alot of wallet connectors which includes Metamask, coinbase wallet, wallet connect, fortmatic and portis, and this will make it very efficient and multi-dimensional which is user friendly.


A exchange platform has been integrated with a trading pairing module with matchless live price fetching, This extra ordinary platform will also be providing a wallet Integration for top 20 cryptocurrency, asides this the team has also made sure the the platform has been developed to include an Integration with top liquidity providers, and also an incorporation with a top KYC/AML provider, which is quite important as it ensures a safe environment for users and they have also enabled a prospect of listing other coins launching IEO’s on the platform and also including a trading margin also within the platform, they have also included a trading derivatives which has been made to include futures and perpetual trading options, they will also be handing out a credible referral program within the platform and the team has also made sure the exchange is made available both on the web and mobile app and will be made available both on the IOS and Andriod OS and also providing a multi-language for users all around the universe.



Token name VENICE will be the token used on Venice Swap platform. This token will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and will be based the ERC20 token standard. For the definite implementation of the Venice Coin, Venice Swap has developed a smart contract that will be widely and publicly accessible on its GitHub before any phase of token sale will begin. They have developed a platform with no alterations to the contract so any interested party can have full and absolute confidence in the Venice Coin. VENICE will also be created prior to its Token Generation Event, which will also be capped, which explains the fact that they will not able to create any more in the nearest future, with no inflation is intended. Token supply will be fixed, with a platform where we can create an immediate deflationary currency that will be as valuable as our growing community in our revolutionary ecosystem. VENICE will be the utility token of the revolutionary Venice Swap Platform used in all transactions related to distributed credits. VENICE will also be the only way to use Venice Swap Platform.


January 5, 2022 — January 31, 2022

1 Venice = 0.0024ETH, 1st week: 20% discount bonus

1Venice = 0.0027ETH, from 2nd week: 10% discount bonus

1Venice = 0.003, Fixed ICO price from 3rd week

500 million VENICE tokens created

180 million directly sold to public.

Soft Cap 1.000.000 USD

Hard Cap 39.000.000 USD

Currency accepted ETH, ENK, AQU, GAM, SWEE, GFEE

Please visit this site for more information regarding token and token sale:

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