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By Brainerdpaul | brainerdpaul | 13 Nov 2019


Every new day comes with new and innovative ideas in the various facets of human living leading to innovatiove technological advancements which have made life much better. Today, thanks to blockchain technology, there are a myriad of cryptocurrencies each with its own way of working to help users easily use it. This has thus made it possible for several cryptocurrencies to be made targeting the various fields of daily living such as the financial industry, E-commerce, healthcare industry, real estate and so on. These huge markets play their roles in making life better for man.
Using the blockchain technology with its unique features which gives it an urge over traditional platforms, a lot more transparency, trust, decentralization,security etc can be injected into the fields aforementioned.

In 2017, E-commerce market reached $2.3 trillion in retail sales and has been forecast to reach $4 trillion in the year 2022. Online purchase has millions in daily transactions whose blockchain technology are introduced by some major merchants.
Persistent challenges range from competitiveness among merchants, and lack of social responsibility of e-commerce companies. There is no doubt that blockchain technology has the vital organelle to uphold the integrity of the e-commerce ecosystem by breeding socially responsible companies within it ecosystems, and NEXXUS will be the hallmark of such quality through the use of blockchain infrastructure.
Moreover, for the Cryptocurrency market is capitalized at $0.3–0.8 trillion USD and welcoming more investors. And with the coherent increase in the value of Coins that has real usage, Nexxus coin can be attributed to such features as it usage is visible and it will surely grow in market value.


Nexxus Rewards provides a win-win-win scenario for the local community charities, merchants, and shoppers. Simply put Nexxus Rewards provides a unique community cooperative marketing solution that lifts the whole community. This revolutionary platform also helps local charities and non-profit organizations fund their important social causes with a leveraged perpetual fundraiser that puts cash in their bank account every week from shoppers that keep shopping.
Nexxus also gives local merchants and business owners a completely risk-free and affordable solution to get and keep new customers. The platform also rewards shoppers for their patronage with free cash-back shared rewards that they can collect and redeem like cash with all Nexxus merchants, and get more free rewards for referring their friends and family.


Local problems are best solved by local solutions. Local charities and non-profit organizations have always been best at solving local social challenges, whether it has been at the local soup kitchen to feed the homeless, the local shelter to protect battered women, or the local animal shelter for abandoned animals.
But these programs are too often severely underfunded and hindered by government bureaucracy, wasteful overhead expenses, and lack of timely donations.


What are Nexxus rewards?

For Merchants.
They pay nothing to get started, and they can start getting new customers with a free text messaging mobile marketing system to showcase daily promotions. Shoppers keep on coming back, again and again, to collect and redeem their cashback reward points. Merchants on this platform can create an additional revenue stream from their recommended customer’s other purchases. They will also be able to have unlimited access to a cryptocurrency payment processing gateway that enables them to finally accept bitcoin and any other top cryptocurrencies supported by the system.

For charities.
Non-profit organizations and charities of Nexxus share in the gross revenues generated from their member’s recommended family and friends and their member’s shopping to infinity on their entire shopper network of potentially thousands of shoppers. They support their community without anything to sell or buy.

For shoppers.
Shoppers on Nexxus can register easily for free to begin collecting and redeeming free shared reward points, spendable like cash at any merchant. As the usage of Nexxus Reward grows globally, so does the value of Nexxus reward points. Shoppers can also earn additional free shopping reward points for every transaction carried out by any shopper that they refer personally.

Social mission.
The project has a three-fold social mission to fund imperative local social causes, empower people to take back control of their funds and financial systems, and also save local hometown small businesses.

Long term vision.
The Nexxus Rewards team is one of the highly qualified individuals that will execute the business plan to build a multibillion-dollar enterprise of local shopper networks globally with a critical mass of shoppers and merchants acquired with a professional direct sales force. Once the project becomes approved and successful, it will become an ideal acquisition target by large successful online brands such as Amazon or Google whose desire is to expand their brands offline in hundreds of thousands of local merchants around the globe.

The platform offers a more competitive risk-free solution which is affordable for all merchants that pay nothing until after the sale. It also assists local charities with perpetual fundraising as its key strategy for shopper acquisition. Nexxus shoppers can collect and redeem shared Nexxus Reward points such as cash from all merchants participating globally.


Why you should use Nexxus Rewards.

  • It’s an affordable marketing solution as every business gets to own its price.
  • The project is also quite great as it funds crucial local social causes.
  • Shoppers get to collects and redeem rewards from merchants and thus a passive income source.
  • When a shopper refers to their friends or family, they get rewarded and thus you can refer to Nexxus Rewards as a viral referral market.
  • Charities are paid from an entire shopper referral network.



  • SYMBOL - NXR - Nexxus Token
  • TOKEN TYPE - ERC20 Utility Token
  • TOTAL SUPPLY - 375,000,000
  • TOKENS FOR SALE - 50,000,000
  • SOFT / HARD CAP - $2M - $10M USD

50M Nexxus tokens are being offered at a price of $0.20 each with a GUARANTEED BUY-BACK of $1.00 from merchant shopping transactions.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 375,000,000

  • ANGEL: 98,000,000 - 26%
    Nexxus Tokens distributed to initial investors for seed capital.

  • RESEARCH: 56,000,000 - 15%
    Nexxus Tokens distributed to participants of the technology and business research phase and the conceptual design phase prior to the technology platform development.

  • EVANGELIST: 69,000,000 - 18%
    Nexxus Tokens distributed to contributing product evangelists during the development and testing phase and the marketing development of the initial educational products.

  • DISTRIBUTED: 243,000,000 - 65%
    Nexxus tokens have already been distributed for the design, development, testing and refinement of the Nexxus ecosystem of cryptocurrency services.

  • TOKEN SALE: 50,000,000 - 13%

  • RESERVE: 82,000,000 - 22%
    Nexxus tokens are outstanding and reserved for promoting this digital token sale and for the business development of the Nexxus merchant network.

Use Of Funds

  • TOTAL FUNDS: $10,000,000
  • SALES STAFF: 50.0% - $5,000,000
  • ADMIN STAFF: 15.0% - $1,500,000
  • ADVERTISING: 12.5% - $1,250,000
  • MARKETING: 5.0% - $500,000
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: 5.0% - $500,000
  • INDUSTRY CONFERENCES: 5.0% - $500,000
  • CAPITAL FEES: 5.0% - $500,000
  • OFFICE & OVERHEAD: 2.5% - $250,000

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CONCLUSIVELY, the Nexxus platform has developed a revolutionary platform which is the future for the local community and the cryptocurrency community in general, the Nexxus Rewards provides a win-win-win scenario for the local community charities, merchants, and shoppers. Charities get a leveraged perpetual fundraiser to indefinitely fund their important social causes. Merchants get and keep new customers with a completely risk-free and affordable marketing solution where they pay nothing until after the sale, and when they do pay, they name their own price. Shoppers collect and redeem shared Nexxus Reward points like cash from all participating merchants. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this great project.






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