MARHABA DeFi - A Revolutionary Decentralized Finance Platform

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Blockchain technology has not just shown that it has the capacity to increase financial inclusion but it has without a doubt changed the lives of many in the cryptocurrency space. This is even more evident in emerging economies where financial inclusion is lacking.  Furthermore, the increasing potentials of blockchain technology has been visibly widely recognized, and with the harshest critics of Bitcoin (BTC) itself testifying to this.

Additionally, Decentralized Finance also known as DeFi, has definitely not only been disruptive in the crypto industry but also revolutionizing the entire financial industry, with the boundless potentials and increasing growth of DeFi affiliated projects over the past months. Today i'd be letting you on a revolutionary platform which is the Marhaba DeFi platform in which the team has created a safe and user friendly tenets that has been expertly developed to provide and ensure maximum access to interest free DeFi, NFT's and crypto assets opportunities available in the crypto community. One key area that MRHB DeFi is aiming to provide lasting solution to is the interest-based lending services that drives excessive indebtedness and consumption which is contradicting to financial, environmental and social sustainability in our wommunity today. The revolutionary Marhaba platform will be providing the community with interest-free based crypto financing and other exiting services. Please kindly read further.


MRHB DeFi Explained

Marhaba DeFi has created a unique and the first of its kind platform which is aimed at properly addressing a major gap in the crypto community and this gives crypto enthusiast around the world a form of inclusiveness to be a part of the technology that is taking the world by storm. The developers of Marhaba is creating a platform built on an ethical ecosystem aimed at providing an all in one solution with a range of DeFi products.

MRHB DeFi is a decentralised finance platform created to incorporate the true spirit of an Ethical and Inclusive DeFi by following faith-based financial and business principles, where all excluded communities around the world can without limitations benefit from the full empowerment potential of DeFi brought to us by the Marhaba platform. Based on the principles of blockchain which includes trust, transparency, and a secure platform, Marhaba DeFi has embedded a universally applicable principles of Shariah into those principles of blockchain technology to gives users of the platform un match-able services. The MRHB DeFi platform has developed a complete DeFi ecosystem in which products, protocols and crypto assets are governed primarily by the ethical, inclusive, reliable and charitable investment principles associated with the Islamic faith.

The knowledge team of experts is made up of researchers, technocrats, influencers, Islamic fintech experts & business entrepreneurs, in which decided to come together to make sure that Marhaba DeFi platform is at the forefront of impacting the general public, inherently bridging the gap between the non inclusive people in the communities and the blockchain world. 




Sahal Wallet: The Sahal wallet will be used basically to gain access into the Marhaba DeFi Ecosystem, and this will help sort out cryptocurrencies that does not follow the ethics of Islam and these includes platform that are connected to gambling, porn and other forbidden acts.

Liquidity Harvester:  Marhaba team is intending to generate revenue through its proprietary algorithm which is capable of generating up to 15% returns on stablecoin investment yearly. The improved version of this algorithm will be able to invest into altcoins and also generate beyond 15% returns per annum.

Souq NFT:  This is an NFT marketplace in which users can create and get halal NFTs. This as well has created another means of generating revenue from NFT trading fees on this revolutionary platform.

Dexragator: Users of this platform will also have access to low slippage and best price by using this aggregator that allows for a seamless token swap without front-running issues.


The MRHB DeFi token as been created to be a utility token that will be initially minted on the TBC network. The MRHB ecosystem will have a total supply of 1billion and this implies that the number of tokens ever to be minted on the platform will be a maximum of 1billion.

MRHB tokens will be used to facilitate the entirety of the MRHB ecosystem. The MRHB token is shariah compliant and will maintain this compliance throughout its existence.

This revolutionary token will be utilized by the community for services as well as entities within the platform


Total token supply: MRHB 1 Billion

Initial Circulating Supply: MRHB 25 Mil

Initial Market Cap: USD $1 Mil

Fully Diluted Value (Initial): USD $40 Mil



CONCLUSIVELY, Decentralised finance has been well equipped to inherently change the world economy. With blockchain technology at the fore front, decentralization is bringing back privacy, trust, and this allows individuals in the crypto community to create a reliable future where a transparent, secure, public system is in control once again. DeFi will enable the unbanked and uninclusive all over the globe to join the economic system, This is where the Marhaba project steps in as it will create a safe and user friendly platform that has been expertly developed to provide and ensure maximum access to interest free DeFi, NFT's and crypto assets opportunities available in the crypto community while strictly following the ethics of Islam.







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