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Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency markets have seen significant and unprecedented growth, with investors in the space earning huge profits. One major drawback, however, is that trading cryptocurrencies is a bit complicated and selecting the right exchange and cryptocurrency has been quite overwhelming. But the Emirex exchange has been developed to revolutionize the cryptocurrency space by setting up one of the best exchange platform.

In the recent years a new revolutionary technology creating a new world for us called Blockchain technology. It's immutible, incorruptible and unhackable property makes it more superior than any other existing technology. That's why the world is giving special attention towards the implementation of blockchain into every sphere of our society. Blockchain's derivative cryptocurrency is known as the future of financial transactions.

With the advent of cryptocurrency we can now create our new financial ecosystem and achieve financial freedom from the existing outdated financial model. With cryptocurrency, people's attitude is began to change, they can now do business efficiently and process their transactions securely at less cost. Earlier they have to pay huge commission fee due to the presence of intermediaries, banks are charging high processing fee but now with crypto all these problems will vanish. Now everything will becoming much easier.


Despite the positive aspects, still the crypto market is facing many fundamental challenges which hinders the rapid growth of cryptos. In order to overcome these challenges many experienced professionals working everyday. One of the main problem is lack of a perfect platform where users can exchange digital assets efficiently. Today there many more exchanges providing services to users but still they are not meeting the expectations. The reason is, there is more demand for cryptocurrency today and due to this many people access the exchange which causes increased load that exchanges cannot handle. Today's exchanges are not totally user oriented and focus only on earning money not on providing quality service to them.

Today the crypto market requires a perfect crypto exchange which can cope up with the increasing demand and providers an efficient, transparent service at low cost. EMIREX exchange platform is committed to solve above mentioned problems.



EMIREX is an innovative platform which comprises of Exchange and marketplace where users can Exchange any store of value to a digital assets and be able to store those digital assets with a high value of safety and reliability.

Emirex comes from the UAE and the developers of this project were a team of real professionals who have more than 5 years of experience in the field of financial services. At the same time, in 2018, they already had the experience of launching a cryptocurrency exchange called BitMeEx, which many crypto-enthusiasts managed to appreciate as a worthy offer on the world market of cryptographic exchanges.

The developers immediately created a new improved in all respects exchange, the advantages of which are able to Eclipse even the most popular crypto exchanges. Bringing together all the countries of Africa, Asia and Europe. Like in the good old days, when the UAE was the center of trade routes. Now this Association affects slightly different economic relations between traders, investors and participants of issuers directly related to modern technologies.

Emirex was created for only one purpose, to demonstrate an improved trading platform for all members of the cryptographic community, from professionals to beginners who are far from sophisticated technical tools, revealing to them the available possibilities of the digital world.

Emirex whose headquarter is located in Dubai United Arab emirates is a fully regulatory compliance Digital Assets trading Platform. The Team of Emirex exchanges have taken time to study the loopholes in the existing Cryptocurrency exchange platform and has come up with a sustainable solution to those prevalent challenges in cryptocurrency exchanges sphere, thereby making Cryptocurrency trading and investment worthy and profitable for the global investors. Emirate platform offered their users all necessary infrastructures required for successful functionalities of trading and investment. In the paragraphs below i will discuss some of the solution which Emirex has offered to boost efficiency and accelerate the growth of the Cryptocurrency exchanges sphere.



The vision is to become the easiest gateway to acquire and spend digital assets.

The vision is to be the trusted and reliable partner for those businesses that seek capital formation, and also those businesses that seek to provide their services to consumers in exchange for digital currencies.

The vision is to be known for the reliable and secure way to convert any store of value into digital assets and to safely store such digital assets using our infrastructure.

The vision is to interconnect Africa, Asia, and Europe with the Middle East.


The main goal of the project is to create a high-tech gateway for both the acquisition and sale of digital assets, the first thing the developers decided to start their work with is a secure partnership. Which formed the basis of reliable tools decentralized architecture Emirex. Emirex also intends to focus on the platform's secure access to all digital assets while eliminating a large number of costly middlemen.


Emirex was able to accomplish this by creating a veritable one stop , secured platform which will cater all cryptocurrency-related needs for the global users.As indicated in Emirex whitepaper, they envisioned to create a robust infrastructure for the global digital economy which they already accomplished.

Emirex Cryptocurrency exchanges placed security of Investor's funds and assets as their major priority. Emirex has been progressive enough and have achieved a lot in their mission to build a credible and most secured cryptocurrency exchange platform. Emirex Platform has secured dedicated wallets for global users coupled with high liquidity and secured Crypto trading platform which offer professional trading services.

Emirex exchange is not just a mere sub-standard cryptocurrency exchange. It is a professional Digital assets trading Platform because the platform has been integrated with bulk of professional trading tools for technical analysis which will aid successful trading within their ecosystem.

In terms of Security, Scalability, and speed Emirex offer the best service for their global users. Users can conduct Fiat to crypto transaction and Crypto to crypto transaction on the platform. Crypto to crypto transaction has proved to be the fastest and instantaneous service while the underlying cause of delayed transfer related to the fiat and credit card is basically from the payment provider as they are separate and external infrastructures. In addition, Emirex offered Cold storage service for their digital assets custody.

Emirex Wealth Management Services


Emirex has a high technical advantage, capable of processing more than 1 million transactions per second. It also provides access to spot and margin trading, as well as futures trading and many other professional instruments.

It is also worth noting that Emirex pays special attention to decent cybersecurity in order to act as a reliable participant in cryptocurrency exchanges. With Emirex, decent conditions of interaction for all participants of the cryptographic market is guaranteed.

About The Emirex Token(EMRX)

Emirex Token (EMRX) supports Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy which is proudly presented by the Emirex Group to you. As an original token from Emirex Ecosystem, EMRX has several use cases: recording fees for the placement of protected assets, transactional costs from sale / purchase transactions, storage and service fees, commission and partner incentive schemes, and others as the offer develops.

Emirex Token has been made to run the Emirex framework. EMRX will be the primary token for the Emirex exchange and will have a few use cases. EMRX will be utilized in paying for posting expenses for those task engineers who need to tokenize their undertakings. Brokers will likewise pay their trading expenses utilizing EMRX . There will likewise be custody and adjusting expenses that will be paid utilizing EMRX. Likewise, the Emirex token will be paid to clients of Emirex platform in type of impetuses or prize.
Notwithstanding, these few use instances of EMRX token will make the cost of the token increment with time as the interest for it increments.

Token Distribution



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