Börser(ICO REVIEW) - Spend it, Trade it or just receive dividends

Börser(ICO REVIEW) - Spend it, Trade it or just receive dividends

By Brainerdpaul | brainerdpaul | 24 Mar 2019


The interest in cryptocurrencies is ever increasing and the focus and spotlight at the moment is at the cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin. However, if you investigate deeper in the crypto world there are many new cryptocurrencies that are expected to grow further and be very profitable and Börser fits well into this category. It has its unique aspects that make it desirable to investors which is outstanding. All this you will get to know as we proceed further in this article.

There is a strong momentum around the blockchain technology which is harnessing all aspect of our lives to the crypto economy. The blockchain technology is gradually being accepted by nations of the world as they are beginning to understand and see its importance. The blockchain is seen as the best invention of modern time while the cryptocurrency is seen as an instrument to give power back to the people. Which is why some governments are fighting it but the crypto economy will win at the end.

Cryptocurrencies will ends government sovereignty on the financial institute and monetary policies. The future of money is the cryptocurrencies because the crypto market is free and fair. It allows everyone to indulge in it as an equal party with no prejudice. The main issue is that most cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, are not backed up by real-life shares. Börser is here to change that. My dear readers i present to you a incredible, unique and revolutionary platform Börser

About Börser

Börser is a cryptocurrency backed by shares of Börser S.A, their holding company which offers you the exciting opportunity to take part in three different projects. Börser S.A holds shares of three companies – Mi Wall Street, which specialises in providing high quality financial services previously reserved for major corporations, to the small investor, CrowdingFunds, a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for investors all over the world, and X-Change, which enables clients to seamlessly transfer Börser’s cryptocurrency into fiat currency for a very low fee.

It is quite important to note that Börser is guided and developed by the unique product they have developed: an innovative and integrated solution of three companies.

The three companies in the industry offer comprehensive solutions for beginners, financial markets, carriers and everything else, as well as cheap exchange services. For this reason, Börser can solve common problems related to most encryption, including speed and security, and offer cheap transfer services. The Börser model can be adapted to a market of more than $ 1 trillion. We have a world-class advisory board and a team of experienced professionals in cryptocurrency, financial markets, venture capital and stock markets.

Börser believes that the group of companies has the potential to completely change financial markets, remittance services, and the way capital is raised as we know it today. By utilizing blockchain technology, Börser will create a sophisticated investment vehicle that will entirely disrupt the market and create a new generation of cryptocurrencies backed by real assets. Using this innovative technology, Börser will provide new and unique services that will allow consumers to again a higher quality of life.


To create a fintech company that uses blockchain technology as the structural base to allow for the creation of companies that provide real-life innovative solutions in the fields of money transfer, wealth generation, venture capital, and crowdfunding, all while redesigning the concept of cryptocurrency.

Problems Börser seeks to solve


  • Startups and companies from all over the world need capital to fund their projects
  • Small and inexperienced investors need to generate profits
  • A cost-effecve global remiance service accessible by anyone with an internet connecon is needed
  • A cryptocurrency is needed that can be considered an investment and not just a vehicle for speculaon



  • Crowdingfunds, the first crowdfunding platform embracing projects from all over the world by using initial coin offering (icos) funding procedure. With crowdfunding, Börser addressed the issue of crowdfunding platforms only servicing companies within their jurisdiction by relying on blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs can now create a token of their own using Börser's proprietary cryptocurrency and launch ICOs to potential investors using börser’s platform.
  • MI Wall street acts as an investment hub, offering small investors an array of financial services previously reserved only for major corporations and investors. To minimize costs and ensure all of Börser investor clients have access to bespoke quality trading signals, forex, and stock brokerage as well as managed accounts, Börser turned MI wall street into a network marketing franchise-style corporation.


  • Börser addressed the remittance issue by launching x-change which will facilitate smooth, accurate and cost-efficient exchange between fiat currency and börser’s cryptocurrency. With x-change, you can create a virtual wallet and link it to a debit card to transfer money with ease and for free. Börser also offers automatic integration to x-change which means that by creating ICOs on the Börser platform, you’ll also have your tokens automatically incorporated into x-change!

Instead of providing partial solutions to individual problems, Börser adopted a different, big-picture approach by creating a holding company and a cryptocurrency, Börser aims to not just take advantage of the crypto boom but offer a comprehensive, direct solution to a whole array of existing problems, related to start-ups, financial markets and the crypto space itself. Börser is a holding company, currently holding shares to three separate organizations, all providing solutions to major financial issues.

  • Börser

By using distributed ledgers, the Börser plaorm seamlessly integrates with the value addition capability of the financial industry by introducing a revolution in the investment landscape of the financial sector.

Börser utilizes a novel incentive mechanism that is known as the Börser token. The Börser token keeps updated information on the Börser network. With the use of a Börser token, a transparent ecosystem is formed, thereby ensuring that trustworthy data can be provided to interested pares who want to access the system.

Börser is introducing the most advanced means of tackling the challenge of efficient and effective financial investment through the use of blockchain technology. Börser utilizes the Ethereum platform for its development. Ethereum is an open-source programming platform designed for distributed programming, as well as smart contract capability. With the use of Ethereum, a proof-of-work algorithm is also enabled, and the inclusion of proof-of-work in the Börser platform enhances the level of security available for users.


Speed, security, transparency: enjoy faster blockchain transactions and unmatched security thanks to Börser’s cutting-edge technology and expert team.

  •  They offer the very first cryptocurrency backed up by shares of a holding company.
  • Börser is developing the first holding company to create its own proprietary cryptocurrency.
  • In a booming cryptocurrency market, Börser has traction and momentum thanks to the one-of-a-kind product that we have designed: an innovative, integrative solution consisting of shares of three companies.
  • The three companies under our umbrella provide comprehensive solutions for start-ups, financial markets, traders and everything in between, as well as low-fee currency exchange services.
  • Because of that, we can solve the issues shared by most cryptocurrencies, including speed and security, in addition to offering low-cost remittance services.
  • Börser’s model is highly scalable in a market worth over $1 trillion.
  • We rely on a world-class advisory board and professional team with expertise in cryptocurrency, financial markets, venture capitals, and exchanges.


Börser is an ERC-20 reward, which means it is an active contract that implements the ERC-20 forum requirement. The token allocation uses the active smart contract standard which ensures that all token allocation remains unchanged. After listing on several exchanges, market prices will determine the price of the token without any interference or manipulations. The estimate delivery of 99,000,000 Börser tokens will certainly be recognized.

Token Details

Ticker - BOR

Platform - Ethereum.

Accepts - Fiat, cryptocurrency

Value 1 BOR= 1USD ( $0.5-Private Deal, $0.8-Pre Deal).

Token supply-100,000,000.

Soft Cap - $5,000,000.

Hard Cap - $32,000,000.

Currencies: BTC, USD, ETH

Token Distribution





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For more information, please visit the links i have provided below;

Website: https://borser.cr/

Whitepaper: https://borser.cr/docs/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BORSERcr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BORSERcr

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/ISDMclNeM7kMXq0Qwt0eXw

Medium: https://medium.com/@borser.cr

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/BORSER-cr

Github: https://github.com/BORSER-cr

BountyOx Username: Brainerdpaul

BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1680409

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