Interview: Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ)

By boxmining | Boxmining | 12 Aug 2020

CZ needs little introduction - he's the CEO of Binance exchange, the biggest crypto exchange in the world. We're having a live discussion with CZ about the recent develops in the cryptocurrency space, including the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Binance Open platform, Binance Futures, and fiat gateways. 


    • 0:00 What’s been happening in Binance and the industry 


    • 3:44 Views on decentralised finance 


    • 6:59 Will DEX challenge CeFi space and centralized exchanges?


    • 8:38 Project Serum ($SRM) 


    • 9:35 Criteria for listing coins on Binance


    • 12:49 Binance smart chain 


    • 15:04 Binance DEX 


    • 16:28 Criteria for investing in new projects? 


    • 19:42 Sandbox (SAND) and gaming 


    • 23:27 Swipe (SXP) and Binance card 


    • 25:53 Binance card outside of EU zone? 


    • 27:15 Is Binance running its own Bitcoin lightning node? 


    • 35:50 Adding Automated Market Makers (AMM) to Binance? 


    • 36:55 Is new USDT being minted a concern? 


    • 39:05 Is DAI the future? 


    • 41:22 Ethereum 2.0 


  • 42:23 What’s next for CZ? 

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