Company Update Q1 2020: Announcing Influencer Marketing Product by Bounty0x!

By angelo_bounty0x | Bounty0x | 24 Jan 2020

Later this year we will be launching our Influencer Marketing platform. A product that is built for brands and also influencers. Some features that our product will have includes: 

  • Empowering Brands to Find, Hire, and pay up-and-coming micro influencers at scale for sponsored social media content.
  • Enabling Brands to Create, Manage and Track Influencer Marketing campaigns at scale. 
  • Micro-influencers to Manage all their sponsors from a single dashboard, receive payments, submit sponsored content for approval, and negotiate deal terms with prospective sponsors. 


Influencer Marketing is a growing market


Over the past five years, search interest has grown substantially. Brands are seeing better ROI by hiring influencers than with traditional ad campaigns. More and more social media influencers are monetizing their audience in order to continue making content for subscribers. Likewise influencer are relying on direct brand sponsorships because they are often demonetized by social media platforms.

Why do brands need insight into an influencers metrics? 

It’s becoming harder to tell whether an influencer is genuinely influential. Our upcoming platform gives brands insight into an influencers metrics so they can track sponsored content, impact, and ROI. 

When a brand hires an influencer, determining that influencers true reach, and engagement is a key metric that helps define an influencers value. However accurately identifying engagement, reach, and true value an influencer bring can be challenging. Brands need a set of tools allowing them to accurately measure important metrics, across large influencer marketing campaign. 

Our platform is designed to help brands easily and accurately track influencer engagement, true followers, and impact so brands can confidently run influencer marketing campaign and track the value.

If you're a brand interested in hiring an influencer, reach out to us and we will tell you how we can help. Our product is launching later this year and we would love for you to be our first client. 

Existing problems in the influencer space we aim to solve with our new influencer marketing platform:

  • Influencers on social media frequently have their accounts demonetized and as a result are unable to monetiez their content.
  • Influencers also often have trouble finding the right brands to partner with. 
  • Brands seeking to hire influencer are unable to gain insight into the influencers engagement, and analytics in order to determine how much to pay them.
  • Brands are unable to run marketing campaigns at scale because they lack the tools to Discover, Hire, Track campaign ROI, and pay influencers at scale. 

Why are we at Bounty0x optimally situated to solve this problem?

In the same way we changed the bounty space, we aim to revolutionize influencer marketing with our upcoming influencer marketing product. When we launch our influencer marketing platform in 2020, the platform will give businesses the tools to run Discovery, Track, Pay, and Hire influencers at scale.

What will our influencer marketing product allow Brands and Marketing agencies to do?

Our Influencer Marketing Platform will allow brands, marketing agencies, and individuals to:

  1. Create an influencer campaign with detailed instructions to give influencers the information they need to create the perfect branded content.
  2. Search our database of 30m+ influencers for the perfect matched influencers for their campaign, using over 20+ advanced search criteria, including audience, engagement, likes, and demographics, along with AI and deep learning influencer recommendation engine that will allow us to scan billions of social media posts.
  3. Outreach to the perfect influencers at scale to invite them to participate in a campaign, negotiate deal terms, and receive work from influencers for approval.
  4. Easily track campaign ROI, engagement, and views.
  5. Quickly distribute payments to influencers directly through the platform.

What makes our product different from other influencer marketing products?

Unlike competitors in the influencer marketing space, Bounty0x will support new social media platforms so that brands will be able to find up and coming influencers from all cross all social media channels; including TikTok, Firework, DLive, Snapchat and more.

Additionally, our software will be available for anyone without having to First register sign up, demo, or pay. Moreover, we will have a suite of tools for brands to gain extensive insight into influencers, and manage influencer marketing campaigns at scale. 

When will you be launching the platform?

Our goal is to launch the platform later this year. But we need help from our community. 

In Summary:

Everyone at Bounty0x is excited for our upcoming influencer marketing product, and we can’t wait to release it to you later this year. A huge thank you to everyone involved in helping to make this possible; influencers, hunters, hosts, and brands. We could not do this without you!

Join us to build the leading Influencer Marketing Platform! Together we can make it easier for companies and influencers to grow their communities, engage their audiences, and most importantly… increase revenue!


Visit our campaign page on to learn more.


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