Arrakis Finance (formerly known as G-UNI) is now the largest LP on Uniswap V3


Arrakis Finance is a web3’s liquidity layer, which at its core acts as a decentralized market-making platform enabling projects to create deep liquidity for their tokens. $SPICE is the native governance token of Arrakis.

Arrakis was incubated by the Gelato Network until this March when the Gelato DAO voted to spin the project, which was previously known as G-UNI, out into its own separate DAO.

Arrakis opens the door for a new area of decentralized market making with potential for tokenized products like:

  • Auto-Hedged delta-neutral LP positions

  • Sophisticated multi-positions on concentrated AMMs

  • Cross-AMM positions

  • LP positions coupled with lending/borrowing or options markets

  • Cross-chain strategies

Since its inception in February 2021, the Arrakis has demonstrated exceptional growth on every conceivable metric. It currently has $746 million in TVL, according to DeFillama, which comprises more than 15% of Uniswap v3’s entire liquidity.

This makes Arrakis the largest LP on Uniswap v3 by far, all without having any native liquidity mining incentives. Since the launch of its v1, top DeFi projects have adopted Arrakis vaults, including MakerDAO, Aave, Olympus Pro, Frax, Synthetix, Fei Labs, Index Coop, and many more.


For more info, please visit:

How to lock your GEL and get SPICE token airdrop:



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