Journey to The Upland (A virtual world that pays in real)

So as I am very very new to Publish0x and The good thing is I have been approved as an Author. YOHOOoo.

I have been thinking what should be a good start and came to the conclusion, why not participate in the Upland writing contest and giveaway. UplandPublish0x.


Ok! So lets begin . I have prepared a review along with my journey described. Enjoy the post.


I did started at Upland 2 months before from now.

I was really excited to find something that is interesting and new, And I found Upland.

In the beginning I thought it as a game but in fact it was something far beyond game.Was Confused with what it is and how it works not only me but I hope it happened and will happen with everyone else.

But still I registered to see and have the experience, and really now I recommend everyone to try it too.

The Dilemma

Everyone whoever registers in a site or before registering always thinks whether its legit or not and so was I.

But The truth  as I saw they were offering Free UPX coins. I jumped into it. Hahaha.

Wait ! Its normal right? Everyone does.

If you get free coins then its good to try and for real I got very happy when I came to know Upland being legit.

Oh yes The decision I made was right! 



Okay so if you are interested and if you want to fall into what I said then,

Lets start from beginning


What Upland is?

Upland means an area of High or hilly land according to dictionary.

But The Upland we are talking about means Upland is a property game based on Blockchain.

What you can do in upland?

I will use the exact words of Upland "Upland Gives you power the power to buy,sell and trade virtual properties based on Real world addresses, just like one you live at today,but in the virtual world."


So when i heard this ,What I did can you imagine?

I started a foolish work of Finding my hometown in the map and was trying to find out my house so that I could buy that land and the property in the virtual world.

And I could not find it because At that time only Limited places were purchasable like San francisco and NY city.

A nice joke.


What is UPX coins?


The Upland has its own in game currency called UPX coins. You can use UPX coins to buy the properties in the game.

1 UPX coin= 0.001 $ approximately

So 1000 UPX coins = 1 $ approximately.Block explorer

How and Why to buy properties?


So when you register and open the game , you can choose a Block explorer which will represent you uniquely.

The block explorer will keep on exploring areas automatically and you can move it too but it will cost you some UPX coins ( Around 20 to 100 UPX while moving to someone else's property.)

So The lands will be purchasable when it is in the range of your Block explorer.

The green Properties can be bought by you in the beginning.

You can see the details and the price .

So if you love the Property , you can buy it by paying the UPX amount it asks for.


Now the property you bought will be yours and will give you small amounts of UPX coins which can be collected every 3 hours.(Passive income right)

Its simple as owning a property and giving it in rent and collecting the money every 3 hours.


How to earn UPX coins?


So this is the main portion of the article,

There are many methods to grab UPX coins

1st. You get free 3000 UPX coins when you register yourself.

But if you register it with a referral link then you get double bonus of 6000 UPX coins to start your journey.

So I have made it easy and provided my link below. You can click and register to get your 6000 UPX coins.(Around 6 $) by which you can buy your first property.

Hi! Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase


2nd.So once you have entered you can also Buy UPX coins in the store for Around 4999 UPX coins  for 4.99$ only Or higher.


3rd You can hunt for treasures and earn some UPX coins too. But do remember the treasures are a bit risky and time limited so you have to Hunt them very quickly.

You also get to spawn a treasure for free everyday.


4th You can participate on the competitions and giveaways going in the UPLAND that you get notified with.


5th With the small earnings from your bought properties too you can earn some UPX.


Very important Detail that you must not forget.

So when you begin your journey in Upland.

You are designated as A VISITOR.

A visitor means you are not a permanent resident and so you have a Virtual Visa.

So you have to Keep on renewing the VISA every 7 days,(its a easy task and its free) other wise you will lose your account.


What to do then? How to be a permanent resident?

Okay so as you register under my or any one's link.

You will have 6000 UPX and will be designated as a visitor.


But as soon as you have 10000 UPX in total including your property and your wallet UPX coins.You will automatically be designated as An UPLANDER.

And then onwards you do not have to worry about the expiration of your visa.


And there is one more benefit of being an uplander.

You can sell your properties and also buy properties that belongs to another uplander.


Okay so what you are waiting for ? GO grab the opportunity

What to do later?

So as you become familiar with the game , you can Participate in auctions , competitions , giveaways and expand your empire and will earn Badges , and Rewards that will boost up your earning.


Since its my first post, still I have tried to bring all the information that is required by a beginner to enter Upland.

Hope it was helpful and I will bring more posts on reviews about sites and News in crypto and passive income. 







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BOSSBABY007 now available at Publish0x
BOSSBABY007 now available at Publish0x

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