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What Fun Token is?

According to the official sources themself

"FunFair (FUN) is an ERC20 iGaming Token listed on Binance, OKEx, HitBTC, Bitfinex, and Uniswap (V2)."


So as you know you can Buy it from the exchanges mentioned above.


But my way of guiding you earn FUN TOKEN For Free.

Yes I am really mad, who is going to tell you How to gain Fun tokens for free.

Does this thing even exists?


You are going to know it in a Minute from now. ;)


Okay so basically I am telling the way by which you can get benefitted A lot more folds than what you might be thinking.


Okay so without a delay lets begin.


As you might have heard of a site called

If not,and you are a beginner, Its for you man.

Go grab one account here for you


Start earning 

As the name suggest it really gives you free bitcoin satoshi every hour.9f0a1f1cc7a00f1046e327c126db297a8c7aac71637aa029c63b36c32f0c41ee.png



You get one free spin every day.

And you surely win here everyday ranging from 50 sats to 15000$ in BTC everyday.


But be faithful, you might get 50 sats perday most of the time.Wheel of fortune


What to do next?


You might be thinking I was gonna tell you about FUN token but I went completely in a different topic.


But here's the real game,

Accumulate as much BTC satoshi you can everyday from

1st Claiming every hour

2nd By Spinning Wheel of fortune.


So once you have 60 to 70 satoshi,

You can get FUN token from the same site itself On TOKENS page.





Clearing The Main Confusion


So many of the beginners might be thinking , Investing is for rich people.

But you are completely wrong here,

You do not have to biy a hefty amount of FUN tokens.

You can even buy only 1 FUN token.

Oh my goodness that's Awesome right.3a97f9addbe5a87b14c98b7e0baf303e0ce73528adf75664333144cb19b7c13f.png


See in the above image I did it.


ACCUMULATE as much as you can.


So you can basically Buy 1 FUN token Everyday for free.

Crypto earning made easy Right.

Grab as much token as soon as possible before its price Shoots up to moon.


Hope it was worth it.


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And The Offers and Airdrops I bring to you.

I work hard for the beginners especially(Also pro gets benefitted most of the times). So give it a try and make your way to being a Crypto Tank.








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Bossbaby Revealing Offers and Airdrops

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