3rd anniversary: rollercoin

3rd Anniversary arrives with a powerful miner

Oh Yes, I was waiting for this day and it did arrived. And there's this limited miner too with highest power ever.

Check it here with 1000 sats free bonus.


So today Rollercoin is celebrating its 3rd birthday i.e Its third anniversary.


My expectation was too high

I did thought that there might be something very powerful and exciting coming ahead this anniversary of Rollercoin. I really had lots of expectations regarding discounts, offers and giveaways. But nothing such happened.


But here's the surprise

I did never expected that they would bring such a powerful miner in its history with almost power of 900000 Ghs which is almost really very very high and the price was too really appealing. 

Miner details


Power-900000 Ghs

Price- 299 RLT( equivalent to 299 $)


The price seems high but those who have been in rollercoin would still find it very cheap because I myself when I bought my first miner, it would repay in around 1000 days but while calculating this new miner can repay in around 300 to 400 days only.


So I still find it very promising. And wish to have one in my room. So those who are interested, hope you do not miss out as only 1000 miners are available. Go grab it.

Those who haven't tried rollercoin 


Try this link with 1000 sat bonus as a startup.

You can mine 4 different coins just by playing games or having miners.

Go relax and earn.

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