2 mining Simulator games that actually pays. New users can grab bonus inside.

Hello all, 

Let me bring two simulator games, that can help you earn some money while you play.

1st Rollercoin ( Probably most of you know about it)

1 year back, I did found a mining simulator game which I entered because I heard "You can earn real crytocurrencies here."

And I entered at that moment without even knowing whether it is really gonna pay or not?

I kept on playing games just to understand how it works, and could see the mining power rising.

As the mining power kept on going high, so the reward.

Why it is easy for beginners?

1- You can start with zero investment.

2- You can just play games and earn, the reward is still high as compared to faucet sites.

3- The main thing is you will learn how mining works in real life with the simulator. (Learning helps you grow).

4- Its so easy that even children can do it.

5- You can mine 3 cryptocurrencies(BTC, Doge, Eth) and Rollertoken as inbuilt token.

So if you are already a member hope you know how it works, but if you are new you can try it too.


Can register under this link to earn 1000 satoshi bonus.

I have attached my withdrawal image of doge to my faucetpay wallet.



2nd Bitcoinmania

This is a new site you might not know about it. But it is somewhat similar to rollercoin but is in early stages of its launch.

You can earn Bitcoin recently(ETH and other coins still to be added) by playing games and having miners.

NOTE: I do not intend to encourage you to invest but rather try and earn free coins in the game itself and later invest the earned amount. So its zero investment game.


So click on the link below to get a free miner.

Register and go to locations, click shop and you will see a free miner with 0 cost. Click collect and you will be earning small passive income.

Free miner

How it is beneficial?

Since it has just launched so you can ofcourse grab this opportunity to try it and get the early launch benefits, there is a ingame token called BMT token which is on crowd sale. Do some more research if you want to before investing.

You can earn 40 satoshi everyday by playing bird game.


I will write an article once again on the transaction that I am going to make soon in this game too.

You can read the guarantees, future plans and game statistics for more info.



Hope you liked the article, do like comment and suggest. Do follow for more updates and giveaways.

I really am sorry for the last article that I deleted because I lacked research work and wrote it. Really sorry to all my followers and readers. 

Will try to bring genuine articles in the future.

Thanks to my readers who did commented on my previous article to take immediate actions and delete the article. And I did so because I do not intend to give false information.

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