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Bort's 5 Reasons to use Brave

By Its bort | bort | 9 Feb 2020

I made the switch from firefox to brave at the start of the new year, and I've had a wonderful time with this browser. I'm going to give you five reasons I think this is a browser you'd enjoy using. Of course, I don't know you and these are just the reasons I like it, but I figure you might just like the sound enough to give it a shot!

1)  Brave comes with a shield that can automatically blocks cross-site trackers, it can attempt to automatically upgrade your connection to HTTPS when available, it can block scripts from running on sites.

Personally, I find this gives me peace of mind, I'm normally worrying about what websites are doing dodgy things and tracking/taking note of my data, with the shield I'm able to destroy the ability for them to do this.

2) Brave is a fork of chromium, therefore allowing access to Chrome extensions

If you were worrying about not being able to have any outside extensions, worry not! you can access the chrome web store and get any extension you previously used if you were using chrome! I personally recommend a pop-up blocker as brave doesn't always catch them.

3) You can earn BAT by clicking on advertisement notifications

I've been using Brave for about a month now and have earned 3 BAT from just clicking the windows notification Brave gives me to look at an ad. Otherwise, browsing is completely ad-free with the exception of the ads you go out of your way to view and get rewarded for.

4) You can tip your favourite content creators if they have signed their channel up
Brave is big on the idea of being able to tip people BAT, if your favourite, or any youtube channel has signed up for the Brave Creators program they can link their channel and get tipped by viewers using the BAT they've either earned or otherwise acquired.

5) It's much faster than chrome out of the box and without the memory leaks and other chrome issues
I can't stress how amazing my browsing experience has been using Brave, even firefox was slowing my machine down at times with a couple of tabs. I currently have about 12 tabs open and I'm not experiencing heavy slowdowns or any negative issues, all without ads or an adblocker (although I suppose the browser itself is an adblocker, but i'm not counting it as such because it's just the browser)

I hope this list can give you some insight as to the pros of brave, as for the cons? well. the only problem I have is that I can't get the facebook container extension I used to use as it's a firefox exclusive!

You can download the brave browser [Here] 

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