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By Its bort | bort | 9 Feb 2020

If you've been actively in online friendships or long distance relationships over the past decade, you may have heard about a particular site named If you haven't, allow me to explain.

Rabbit was basically a virtual internet browser that multiple people could connect to and watch at the same time, completely removing the awkward "one two three, quick hit play" of watching content with others no matter how far away. Users could create accounts and have either a private or public room, allowing anyone using the website to find and join the room. One user would control the room and everybody else had the ability to send messages/react using one of five icons. All users had the ability to voice and video chat. In the simplest terms, rabbit was a way to watch anything with anyone, without any hassle.
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Pictured: the layout of rabbit, users gathered along the bottom in a row and the virtual browser open and about to watch a netflix program.

Rabbit opened their service in 2014 and had a long and wonderful run of five years until they unfortunately became defunct in July of 2019 and at times like this, all that's left to ask is "What went wrong?" and you'd be glad to discover the CEO made an enlightening post on linkedin specifying the reasons rabbit was "hitting the wall." Of which, investors backing out, lack of actual monetization planning and advertisers not liking the idea all came together to destroy this wonderful website. Rabbit was bought out by Kast and they promised they would be a suitable replacement however Kast does not have the same virtual browser technology rabbit had, and for that, many users are left feeling stranded, with little to no ways to watch movies or TV shows with their loved ones. We miss you, More and more every day. And for those looking for alternatives? The future is hopeful, there are multiple alternatives being worked on at the moment. To name a few;, (A little more finicky, but I've been able to watch Netflix with my partner using this one using their browser extension) and lastly Kast, the one who purchased, one I'm personally not interested in unless they get virtual browsers.

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