Book Review: Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan, Amazon Video Premiere November

Book Review: Eye of the World

First Book of The Wheel of Time Series

by Robert Jordan

Amazon Video Premiere Scheduled for November 2021


Now is the time to read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan if you have been putting it off as I have. I found that as a teenager, I did not have the patience for the extensive world building and character development and dialogue that fills his first book. As such, I pushed it aside - kept it on my reading list and promptly was distracted by other great novels with far more immediate action. 

Then I saw that Amazon Video is premiering the series in November 2021, so it was time to buckle down and get to reading.




Unlike in my youth, I did not have time to sit and read a nearly 1,000 page book in a week. So instead, I am taking a hybrid approach: Audible audiobook and reading the actual hard-copy book. Between the two, I was able to enter this amazing world.

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I would qualify Robert Jordan's world as classic fantasy. It is laden with magic, good and evil, beings of lore and myth, and young men and women coming of age and stepping into their power. 


This book and story in particular follow Rand, Matt, and Perrin as they are pursued by the dark one's army. Rand's love interest, Egwene is caught up in the mix before they all realize the role she is to play in their adventure. They are accompanied by an Aes Sedai and her Warder as they flee North towards the safe-haven of the Aes Sedai.  They fear that the Dragon has been reborn. They fear that war will ravage the country. And they cannot imagine their roles as it has been woven into the fabric of time.


Along the way, the group encounters danger, distractions, and other travelers. The team is split up and pursue different story lines and objectives, coming across new people and powers that they only had ever heard in stories. 


The four travel far from their home in Emond's Field and find that by the end of book 1, their lives will never be the same.


I truly think that the hybrid approach is best to this book. I have heard that the later books move faster and are more gripping. So being able to break up the monotony of reading by listening to it while commuting or hanging out has been great. 


Regardless, Robert Jordan sets the basis for an amazing epic tale that I look forward to continuing in book two, The Great Hunt.

While I love supporting my favorite authors, I am also a fan of saving money. If you need to buy a book hard copy, I encourage you to check out second-hand bookstores or online bookstores like by using my referral link ( you can earn a free book after spending $30 - which to be fair from Thriftbooks and their low prices could be as many as 6 books later. 


Stay safe and successful!

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