It's Christmas Time on Torum (Boi Giving Gifts)

It's Christmas Time on Torum (Boi Giving Gifts)

By BOI | BOI | 27 Dec 2020

What a wonderful Christmas time for all the crypto adopters out there:

To celebrate Christmas, I'm giving away some of these juicy gifts to Publish0x users!

As you can see in the screenshot below, everyone on Torum has a Christmas hat on. Even a small change like that can get that Christmas spirit going, especially in these hard times we're living in. Many people didn't have the chance to meet their loved ones because it was forbidden by the government to prevent the spread of the covid virus. At least they got some love from Torum! And now you can get some gifts from me because I have accumulated enough XTM to be a real Santa.


Join The Giveaway

To keep the Christmas spirit high, I decided to do a giveaway of Torum gifts for those Publish0x users who are also using Torum. If you don't know what Torum is, here's my in-depth review. To participate in this giveaway, you have to complete a task:

  • Go on Torum and write a post wishing Torum and all crypto-community a merry Christmas!
  • If you're not on Torum, register with my invitation link to get 75 XTM as a gift!
  • Copy a link to your Torum post and paste it in the comment section of this Publish0x article.
  • Wait for a Christmas Gift from @bagofincome aka theboi on Torum!

Merry Christmas

Here's my post that could serve as an inspiration! Remember that you can write anything you want but if it's about crypto, you will probably get more rewards!


Thank you for reading and have a great time, my crypto friend!

One more thing, there's also a Publish0x clan on Torum that you can join to get more XTM on your account! I believe that both of these platforms can help each other grow! When we work together, we can achieve many great things! 



Until the next time we meet!




Originally Posted on LeoFinance Beta and reposted here after being edited for Publish0x users.


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