Splinterlands Weekly Challenge – Cave Slugs

By BoBoMan | BoBo Crypto Adventure | 6 Aug 2021


The challenge this week is on the Cave Slug, which is from the Life splinter. Looking at some of the other battle shares, it seems like the Life splinter isn’t a favourite amongst several players. I really like using this splinter, especially with the higher level cards as it offers so much variety in play and Cave Slug is like an automatic inclusion in 90% of my fights.

While looking through several of my older battle share posts, I realized the engagement was rather low, so I thought if I added some tips and wrote this from a renter’s perspective, this might get more people interested and playing the card. Cue more pictures!

Featured Card – Cave Slug


The card featured is a maxed Level 10 common card which is wear it truly shines. Opportunity & Scavenger are best friends and you should get them if you can, at least in my opinion. There are only 5 cards with this combination and Cave Slug is the only one with Slow which comes in handy as its kinda slow, you know it’s a slug. Currently at Peakmonsters, the Level 10 Cave Slug will cost you 79 DEC/day, which is fairly steep, but as long as you get one that is at least Level 6, you will get the Opportunity & Scavenger combi.


*Courtesy of Splintercards

The Cave Slug is not one of those cards that can almost single-handedly win you the battle, but he is very versatile in placement as he can hit from any position and with enough deaths in the game, can be a handy second tank.

The Battle

Ruleset : Equal Opportunity & Up Close & Personal

This battle is not the best showcase for the Cave Slug as everyone gets the opportunity ability from the start and since this was in the Gold League, the card is capped at Level 8 which means no Slow ability. But it does showcase the incredible combination of Opportunity & Scavenger.

This is a 38 Mana fight and only Melee is allowed, so it works really well with my Life splinter set up. With Lorna shining on me and Shieldbearer taking all the hits, this was going to be a battle of how many cards I can take out before my taunt tank falls apart. I also had Silvershield Paladin as my secondary tank which worked as the Nectar Queen does a heap of damage. Lastly, I had the Crystal Werewolf which had Thorns as my last card. This served two roles; 1) To counter any cards with Sneak &; 2) To take any hits as he had the lowest HP.


The battle went to plan, sort of as I did take out two cards before my main tank fell, but the rest of their cards still had quite a bit of HP. Enter THORNS!!


The Crystal Werewolf returned enough damage before dying, meant that both my scavengers (yes that’s right, I like them that much), had more HP than my secondary tank which meant they can just hang back and get fatter.


In the end, I won the battle with both scavengers alive and my Goblin Mech. Props to the Mech for the shield and stun and also good RNG as the Nectar Queen’s Retaliate did not proc once. You can check out the battle here.

Final thoughts

The Cave Slug is a really great card from Level 6 onwards and because of this, is quite expensive in the inflated rental market. But the combination of Opportunity & Scavenger is just too hard to resist and I have actually rented 4 out of the 5 cards I mentioned above. That being said, I do play a lot, so I make use of them in a lot of battles, and they do justify the costs hopefully.

Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this combination and how many people use it regularly.

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Have Fun!


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