Splinterlands - A Newbie’s Adventure

By BoBoMan | BoBo Crypto Adventure | 6 Jun 2021



I am an avid mobile gamer and typically just devote my attention to one game at a time. I had just come off a long stint with Puzzles and Conquest and needed a new distraction. Crypto and blockchain had always been a passive interest and with the free time, I decided to follow the white rabbit here.

After much digging, I ended up on Publish0x and started reading about a blockchain game called Splinterlands and that became my next big obsession. Big shoutout to @costanza for leasing cards to me! I have been playing Splinterlands for close to a week now and thought I chronicle my new obsession that could serve as a crypto newbie guide.

At the beginning

Googled Splinterlands and clicking on a big “PLAY NOW’ button, I created an account with MetaMask (not sure why I created one in the first place). Seems simple enough.




Although you can play this as a free to play game, it is really geared towards encouraging you to spend that $10 to get the Summoner’s Spellbook to unlock the features that make the game more fun and rewarding. And you can pay using PayPal, no crypto needed. My spider senses are tingling at the fact that spending in Splinterlands is so easy.




Game time?

Getting the Spellbook means you can do Daily Quests, get Season (14 days) Rewards, earn DEC which is the in-game currency and a Hive blockchain account. WTH is Hive? Down another rabbit hole I went and while still lost, I decided to just go play the game. Research Hive another day.

Time to fight

Splinterlands gives you a starter pack of cards that you can play with, and I just clicked “FIGHT”. After a few battles and some wins, I went to check my DEC, why is it still zero!




Please DO NOT be like me and click “FIGHT”! Click the right arrow and “BATTLE”. This is where you get the ranked battles that give you points and DEC. After some battles and understanding the basic mechanisms, I decided it is quest time!

The daily quest is straightforward enough, you need to win 5 battles using a specific splinter or ability. You can change the quest once, so choose wisely. So, this is where it gets trickier as you actually need to grind a bit to win, at least for me. Also, if the opponent surrenders, it is not considered for the daily quest. Completing the quest gets you 1 loot chest in the Bronze league and more if you advance to the higher leagues. Got 10 DEC for my troubles, which seem fair enough at the time.

Where to now..

I am really enjoying my time and am quite amazed by the dynamics of this game. It may look like a simple card battle game, but the game rules and mana cost throws everything off. I will continue to write my experiences and tips (good & bad) as I find you progress quicker. Also, use costanza’s referral link as he will lease cards to you which definitely helped me get started.

P.S. :I am new to all this, so if it is inappropriate to include someone else's referral, do let me know and I edit it. Thanks!

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Crypto newbie trying to figure things out.

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