BNB Price Analysis 31 October 2020

By Suryakantdalai | BNB Price Analysis | 31 Oct 2020

Remember to read the date of this post carefully.

In this post, you will get the live price of daily Binance coin. We also provide you with the BNB's market capitalization, weekly, monthly value, trading volume, peak and lowest prices and trading volume.

We always calculate the value with USD so be careful with it. Our data comes from many exchanges like Binance, OKEX, HitBTC and many more. This data is only for one day which day it was published. We also show you 24hour price, yesterday price and many more.

According to my analysis of BNB:-

BNB today price:- $28.63

Highest price- $29.79

Lowest Price- $27.57

Open 24 hour- $29.72

Market Capitalization- $4.48 billion

Volume in 24 hour- BNB 47.25 K

Change in 24 hours (-4.82%)


BNB yesterday price- $28.71

Volume- $66.04 k

Change (+0.50%)

Weekly Change (-6.78%)

Monthly Change (+0.05%)

Notes:- This is the report of my own analysis from the different exchange. This is only data analysis and if you want to invest then research yourself is a better option. I am not responsible for your loss.

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BNB Price Analysis
BNB Price Analysis

Here you can get all the notification of BNB Price, market cap, volume and 24 hour change.

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