TRON (TRX) Super undervalued still.

By BlueSkyCrypto | BlueSkyCrypto | 1 Sep 2020

Tron or TRX, this coin has been around for a long time now but really hasn't made any serious bull moves.

Why? Well for the most part its ran under the radar due to its nature when released. A lot of sentiment was that TRON was a shit coin, something that wouldn't make it to market or at least not perform well or gain adoption. However, that is not the case at all.

Tron has a ton of awesome Dapps including Tron.Tv,, etc, etc... tons of options for earnings between staking, freezing and trading. 

I have been holding Tron for a very, very long time now and I continually add to my stockpile, as I see this coin making some huge moves in the entertainment and gaming industry going forward. 

I'm going to keep this short as I just wanted to make sure to get word out that TRON is probably still a great investment. There is more and more use cases, users and companies investing so why aren't you while it's still cheap?

If your interested in Tron (TRX) you can acquire it on the Kucoin Exchange

Once you have purchased some Tron you can also Stake it on Kucoin for a hefty return of 7 - 9% APY. So for a coin currently sitting around .027 there is a TON of potential upside, with little downfalls.

If your new to Cryptocurrency & it's options, Staking allows you to lockup your Coins for a return on it daily.

example: 2500 TRON coins earning at the current rate produces about .5 to .7 coins per day. You also get an additional smaller bonus added for holding coins on Kucoin. 

So let's say you purchased 2500 TRX @ .027 each = $67.50 USD. Once purchased you decided to Stake them.

2500 TRX staked, earning on average .55 per day. We will gap this over 10 days to make it make sense as compounding can make things a little confusing.

Day 1 - 2500 TRX earning interest returns say .55 TRX, your payment is then added to your balance and becomes part of the total asset earning interest.

Day 2 - 2500.55 earning interest at same rate returns say .56 TRX, added to balance for next day.

Day 3 - 2501.11 New balance adds .57

Day 4 - 2501.68 New balance adds .58

Day 5 - 2502.26 new Balance adds .60

Day 6 - 2502.86 and so on.... 

As you can see growth is exponential, don't sit sideline and wait for another coin  to shoot up and leave you behind, TRONS day is coming very shortly!

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Happy Coining all :)


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