The Ultimate Guide To Free Crypto Collecting.

By BlueSkyCrypto | BlueSkyCrypto | 28 Oct 2020

We have spent the last 2 years building the ultimate online Crypto collection system. This system is designed for those that do not have the funds to invest traditionally but still want to participate. Also for the average Crypto enthusiast that just can't get enough Crypto stored up.

First off,

  • This works 100%
  • All Sites Have Been Verified
  • All Sites Have Processed At Least 3 Withdrawals
  • Sites Work Exactly As Described
  • No Costs At All

Income generation will depend ENTIRELY on your time spent collecting. You can make a full time income from this system from home just like we do at BlueSkyCrypto but it requires full time hours!

There is a ton of time invested in this research and verification. We hope you too can earn a steady income from crypto by following our simple steps. Thanks for reading :)

As seen here, we have substantially increased our collected coins:


How to Collect over 200,000 Satoshi's per week.


Step 1 - Download CryptoTab Browser. Though Brave is the more popular option, we have as of recently, tested and proven the CryptoTab browser to be much more profitable on a daily basis. CryptoTab also Mines Bitcoin directly rather than an Altcoin.

Click link to download CryptoTab Browser and Join BlueSkyCrpto's Network ----->> CryptoTab Browser 

Once Downloaded make sure to turn Mining on and leave the browser open!



Step 2 - Setup Coinpot & Coinpot Faucets accounts - Listed in order - Make sure to collect at least once every 24 hours to increase daily bonuses. These may seem ineffective in the first few days but these really start to add up.

Setup Coinpot Account ---->>




Setup Bitcoin Faucet ------>>          Moon Bitcoin

Setup BitcoinCash Faucet --->>      Moon BitcoinCash

Setup Doge Faucet ----->>              Moon Doge

Setup Dash Faucet ----->>              Moon Dash

Setup Litecoin Faucet ----->>         Moon Litecoin

Setup Bitcoin Faucet ----->>          BitFun Faucet

Setup Bitcoin Faucet ---->>           Bonus Bitcoin


All of these 7 faucets will send the claim amount directly to your coinpot account. In Coinpot you can convert the coins, deposit and withdraw.



Step 3 - Setup an account on ESFaucets. This website allows you to collect amounts of ALL the popular coins. You can collect once every 30 minutes, no withdraw limits. Easy to use & Profitable. Coins that can be collected - BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, DOGE, DIGIBYTE, BAT, BCH, ETC, ZRX, TRX, DASH & ZCASH.

Make sure to collect at least once every 24 hours to increase the daily bonuses. This will increase your 30 minute claim amounts substantially. For the first 30 days we suggest exchanging all collected coins into the ESCoin. This coin is also used to increase your bonuses per claim, the more you have the higher your percentage will increase per claim.

Click the link to setup an account at ESFaucets ------>> ESFaucets 



Step 4 - Setup an account with Dutchy Faucets. This website allows you to collect Dutchy Token through free faucet rolls, shortlinks, videos etc.. You then use the Dutchy coins to activate the Miner and collect the coin of your choice, or multiple at once.

Site looks complicated but its quite easy to use once you get use to it. Make sure to collect as much Dutchy Token as you can through the week and activate the miner on weekends. This is when they activate a 20% mining bonus :) Coins will accrue fairly quickly!

Click the link to setup an account at Dutchy Faucets ----->>> DutchyFaucet



Step 4 - Setup a BetFury Account. This website will allow you to claim 25 Satoshis free every 20 minutes. You can choose to keep and withdraw the collected BTC or you can use it to play the games on site and earn BFG Token. Holders of BFG Token will earn platform dividends daily. This is a HUGE opportunity.

PROTIP - Use to collected BTC and play the Plinko game. Set a low Auto feed and just let it run. This will use up the BTC and earn a steady flow of BFG Token. Make sure to collect that free Satoshi every 20 minutes as well. As the Platform grows so will the value of the BFG Token.

Click Link to setup an account with BetFury ---->>> BetFury 



Step 5 - Setup a Cointiply account. This site will allow you to earn their Conitply tokens which can be traded for BTC on Withdraw. Tons of things to do on thise site to earn coins. The more you do the more you earn.

Make sure to claim the free coins every hour, PTC's are easy and valuable as well.

Click the link to setup a Cointiply account ----->>> Cointiply



Step 6 - Setup an account with Faucet Crypto. This is another platform site that lets you collect their native utility token as you collect from the faucet, ptc's, videos etc. You can then exchange the tokens earned for BTC, LTC, ETH, TRX and many more.

Super easy to use site. Be active and earn.

Click the link to get setup on Faucet Crypto ----->>> Faucet Crypto



Step 7 - Setup an account with This is another free faucet site that lets you collect Bitcoin every hour.

Super easy to use site. Be active and earn.

Click the link to get setup on ----->>>



Step 8 - Setup an account on Coin-Birds. This game site that lets you collect Bitcoin by building a collection of birds that lay eggs. The eggs can then be sold of for Silver, the silver can be traded for Bitcoin. Sounds silly but it does work!

Check in once daily to collect bonus and sell eggs. Low maintenance!

Click the link to get setup on Coin-Birds. ----->>> Coin-Birds



Step 9 - Setup an account on Free-Faucet. This Free Faucet site that lets you collect Bitcoin or many other currencies by simply clicking the free claim every 12 hours. We use this site to collect our Raven Coin.

Check in once daily to collect bonus and make claims.

Click the link to get setup on Free-Faucet. ----->>> Free-Faucet



BlueSkyCrypto earns a full time income from these sources combined, but of course results are never guaranteed. The income will be based on your interest and effort. Even minimal effort should still see 10k to 20k Satoshi's per day.


Once you get past the first couple weeks and the amounts start to increase daily, your going to want to put all those coins somewhere safe, secure and profitable!


The absolute best option to store your Crypto is Celsius.Network. One of the first companies to offer DeFi services. 

With Celsius not only is your Crypto stored safely but is also insured and protected. On top of that, Celsius offers the highest interest rates on Hodl'd coins. Currently paying up to 35% APY. This is a legitimate company, the owner is very well known in the business world and is also the creator of Voice over Internet Protocol. 

Too many reasons to list, too long to read after all of this already. Take a serious look into Celsius, get your coins moved over and start enjoying Money Monday's as we call them. This is when Celsius deposits our interest payments directly into our wallets!

Click the link below to get Celsius **Celsius.Network is a Mobile Only Application. Celsius aims to Bank the unbanked on a global scale and has decided to strictly offer Mobile only services for this reason.

Get started with Celsius ----->> Celsius.Network Mobile Wallet

Use our referral code in the Celsius wallet for a $20.00 Bitcoin bonus when you deposit your first $200.00 worth of Crypto.

BlueSkyCrypto Referral Code = 136836bb31

Celsius accepts more than 25 Cryptocurrencies plus stablecoins. You can even earn off your BAT.

This is a great opportunity for those paying attention :)


Happy Coining


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