Earning Crypto with Casual Gaming
Earn Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin with casual mobile games on Android or iOS

Earning Crypto with Casual Gaming

By bluekasumi | bluekasumi | 4 May 2020

Hello everyone,

if you're like me and don't have the time or the pleasure to engage in full-on online-gaming to earn a bit of crypto, than I got you covered! In the past week, I downloaded a few mobile games on my smartphone and casually played them throughout the day.
All the games are financed by ads, so if you don't mind watching a few ads on the side or between levels, than that's for you. Now let's get started with the introduction!

Free Litecoin
I enjoy playing the Free Litecoin game, because It's not to difficult to get rewards. I also got the 100.000 Litoshi Jackpot once in 2 weeks. You can exchange your earned Litoshi for Litecoin - just specify a wallet address of your choice in the control panel.
The distribution to you wallet will happen automatically once a week on every tuesday.
My first Payout: 182,757 Litoshi - 0,07 USD in Litecoin

Download Free Litecoin

Free Litecoin


Free BitcoinCash
Free BitcoinCash has the same game concept as Free Litcoin, but you'll earn BCH Satoshi instead. You get between 1 to 3 Spins per Ad, that you are watching. You can also stop game with any field, that you already marked by tapping on it.
Just enter your wallet address in the control panel you will automatically cash-out every tuesday.
My first Payout: 14,329 BCH Satoshi - 0,03 USD in BitcoinCash

Download Free BitcoinCash

Free BitcoinCash


Free Bitcoin
The last in this trilogy is Free Bitcoin. I find this one particularly hard, because hitting the threshold of 10.000 Satoshi takes way to long and the chances of getting a high Bonus are rather slim. I'm not sure I will, I will continue playing this after the frist cash-out.
I'm sure there are better alternatives out there, if you want earn some free Bitcoin.
My first Payout: Still in Progress

Download Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin


This is my honest opinion and experience with these games. You can play them while watching TV or before you go to sleep or while taking a ride in public transport. Certainly - you won't get rich playing them. But if you somewhat enjoy such casual games and you don't mind watching ads, than you can give it a go!

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