ATOMIC Wallet Benefits + 10 AWC Sign-Up Bonus
Atomic Wallet Airdrop Sign-Up Reward

ATOMIC Wallet Benefits + 10 AWC Sign-Up Bonus

By bluekasumi | bluekasumi | 3 May 2020

Hello everyone,

Atomic Wallet is holding an Airdrop and new users will earn 10 AWC, so I want to give you a little introduction on the main features.

What is AWC Token?
AWC is the token of Atomic Wallet, that you can earn by using Atomic Wallet. It is listed for trading on Binance DEX and IDEX. The AWC Token had a 500% average return on investment since it's launch. 

Staking with Atomic Wallet - High rewards on Tron, Cosmos and Tezos

Benefits of using of using Atomic Wallet:

  • Discounts on exchange services
  • Affiliate and bounty rewards
  • Cashback Rewards of 1% for each trade
  • More features to added
  • Staking of Tron, Tezos, Ontology, Komodo, Neo, Vechain, Algorand and Cardano

How to claim the Airdrop:

1. Visit this link and download Atomic Wallet
2. Install Atomic Wallet
3. In the Wallet go to Settings -> Airdrop and put in your E-Mail and code: 18FY08
4. Done!

I hope this is helpful for you. Enjoy your free crypto!

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