Upland: The Easy Guide for Beginners

By Bluefar | BlueFar TV | 23 Feb 2021



If you have been looking for a crypto based game which does not require gaming skills and instead more focus on buy and sell also known as trading then Upland is the game for you.


Upland is kind of a real-estate simulation game where you can buy and sell plots and develop them, build structures, create real businesses that provide products or services. The game uses actual world geography and at the moment it only has 3 cities open which is of United States namely San Francisco, New York and Fresno. 


The game uses UPX coin which is the in game currency, it can be used to trade plots or develop them and so on. You can always purchase UPX coin using your real world cash through the game. By default the game provides 3,000 UPX coins to a new user to start with. As a new user you might find it hard to buy properties initially since the game offers vast number of plots and most of them would be expensive to buy with the 3,000 UPX coins. But don't let it put you off.  With the vast number of plots there are many streets which offer budget friendly plots as well, you just have to find the right street like an estate agent.


The citizenship program the game has also known as "Visa" is a system where a user who has less then 10,000 UPX worth of asset has to renew his visa. If the user has more then 10,000 UPX worth asset, then he becomes a citizen and hence does not require to extend his visa anymore. The timeline for a visa extension is 7 days. The visa system is implied to make sure a user is active at least once every week.


Here's everything you'll learn in this guide: 

- How to operate the interface

- Find out the budget friendly streets to buy properties as newbie

- learn in depth info about a plot and how to trade them

- How to travel to different places to buy plots of that street or for treasure hunt.

-  How to grow your UPX coins fast.


The video will take you through all the instance mentioned above.



Final Thoughts


You might find the game bit of a grinding but its always worth it if you are earning real cash while doing so. Since the game has partnered with financial division of Linden Lab (creators of Second Life) to allow you to sell your in-game properties and items for either UPX OR fiat (e.g. USD). keeping hold of your in-game properties maybe worth while on long term, since the value of the property value keeps increasing as the number of properties available reduces.


The citizenship program is a turn off since the game is mostly about long term. Users are forced to login at least once every week, unless you invest your real world cash to buy properties worth more then 10,000 UPX. For a new user without investing his real world money it offers less features when it comes to short term activity or task. Overall investing real world money into the game is definitely value since we are not paying for anything but to buy ourselves some asset.


I hope this guide has been helpful and and worthy of your time to read and watch this. If you have any questions regarding the topic I discussed or something if I missed out on, Please drop a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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