Tilapia life cycle diagram presentation

THE TILAPIA'S JOURNEY. Growing Tilapia for Sale (presentation)

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1. Breeding

Tilapia Stage 1 Breeding

1 male and 5 females are kept in a smaller, darker tank for breeding. The water must be temperature controlled at 70 to 80 degrees F. The female lays its eggs on the bottom of the tank and are then fertilized by the male. The parents then mouth broods the eggs until the larvae stage.

2. Larvae (1-2 weeks)
Tilapia Stage 2 Larvae


The larvae live in the mother's mouth for a short time and are attached to their egg which provides nourishment.

3. Fry

Tilapia Stage 3 Fry

When the fry are released by the mother, they must be removed from the tank to avoid being eaten by the larger fish. Up to 3000 fry are collected at one time and placed in a tank where they live and grow for the rest of their lives.

4. Live & Grow

Tilapia Stage 4 Live and Grow

The tilapia must be fed daily. The food is high in protein and fat, sourced from plants and non-terrestrial animals. The temperature in this tank is kept below 70 degrees. They will live in this tank for at least 9 months. 


5. Market Weight

Tilapia Stage 5 Market Weight

When tilapia reach a weight of 1 pound or greater they are ready to be sold locally. Fish that are less than 2 pounds go to fish markets while those that are over 2 pounds will go to restaurants. A salt finish produces sashimi grade tilapia called izumidai.

6. Supply Chain

Tilapia Stage 6 Supply Chain

Brokers buy live fish for sale  and delivery to markets and restaurants. The fish are now ready to prepare and serve.  Yummy!

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Hawaii, Colorado, Homesteading, Aquaponics, Hiking, Camping, Adventures, Music, Movies, Vinyl Records.


Hawaii, Local Knowledge, Homesteading, Aquaponics, Ornamental Tropical Plants, Hiking, Camping, Adventures, Movies, Music, and Vinyl Records.

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