Polkadot towards mass adoption thanks to Proof of Personhood

By KMatt | Blogging Crypto | 27 May 2024

According to Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot, the key to mass adoption of blockchain is not just the scale of value, but its ability to manage digital identity securely and reliably.
In an interview with podcaster Roaul Pal, Wood identified "proof of personhood" as a key application for the future of blockchain. “PoP” is a mechanism for verifying a person's identity online, similar to what we do in real life when purchasing goods or services.
“Blockchain should focus on identity, which we already rely on in everyday life,” says Wood. “You don't realize it, but it's a necessary element in modern society, at least in the West.”
At the moment, online identity verification often relies on imperfect or centralized methods, such as KYC systems or solutions like Worldcoin which raise several privacy concerns.
For Wood, the solution is not to rely on governments or centralized systems, but to develop blockchain-based solutions that are much more creative and respect user privacy.
Polkadot, with its modular and interoperable architecture, could play a key role in this development. The platform could support different Proof of Personhood solutions, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their needs.
The adoption of proof of personhood on blockchain could have a significant impact on our daily lives, simplifying access to online services and making financial transactions more secure by protecting privacy.

Practical examples
Imagine a future where your digital identity is completely managed on the blockchain.
To register on a website you could use your digital identity verified on blockchain, eliminating the need to create new accounts and passwords and allowing you to control who has access to your personal data.
Or, to purchase products or services online, you could use your blockchain-verified digital identity to prove your age, without having to show physical identity documents and protecting your sensitive data such as your driver's license number or passport.


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