Over $2 Billion in Crypto Tokens to Be Release in March

By KMatt | Blogging Crypto | 3 Mar 2024

The month of March promises to be eventful for the world of cryptocurrencies, with several tokens that could undergo significant unlocking. These unlocks, known as "TokenUnlocks", can have a major impact on the price, triggering volatility and potential collapses in the short term.
In first place in terms of total unlocks we find Arbitrum, with an unlock that will double the current circulation offer of the native ARB token. There is talk of 1 billion ARB tokens, equivalent to 87% of its existing circulating supply, by March 16.
Such a large release, however, may still not induce immediate selling pressure, as major investors generally do not immediately dump tokens on the market. The potential growth of the protocol, in any case, will have to find a new balance in a new and difficult to predict market in the coming months.
Aptos follows, with the unlocking of 24.84 million APT tokens (estimated value of 290 million dollars) which instead finds itself in a more delicate situation. The Aptos ecosystem has underperformed its competitors in every aspect, from TVL, to the number of active users, to the simple value of its token (which has grown by just over 25% since the beginning of the year).

Below is the complete sheet and the link to consult the other cryptocurrencies that will proceed with the unlocking of the tokens



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