Bitpanda Card review

By KMatt | Blogging Crypto | 29 Nov 2023

Bitpanda Card, a classic crypto payment card, which also gives the possibility to pay in fiat, metals and tokenized shares in our wallet.
It is a debit card on the VISA circuit and can be associated with Apple Pay and Google Pay.


To request it, you must complete the KYC, be registered with Bitpanda and have at least €9.90 in your account which will be spent on issuing the card.
Maximum spending limit is €10,000, maximum daily withdrawal of €350, limit for a single contactless payment of €50 (varies by country).
As happens with other crypto cards, using the Bitpanda Card the conversion from coin/token to fiat currency is carried out behind the scenes, with the classic trading commission provided by the exchange without therefore charging any other costs to the customer.
While for ATM withdrawals, the commission is €1.50 and a further 2.5% if you are abroad and change currency.
It is possible to top it up with fiat currency so as to avoid the conversion fee mentioned above.


The operation is very simple: by having a quantity of tokens from the $BEST exchange, you obtain a VIP level:
Level 1: 10 Best
2: 1,000 Best
3: 5,000 Best, + cashback in BTC 0.5%, reduced currency conversion
4: 10,000 Best + cashback in BTC 1%, reduced currency conversion
5: 50,000 Best + cashback in BTC 2%, currency conversion 0.25%


The exposure to the asset is enormous, incomparable compared to Nexo or which certainly with fewer locked tokens gives equal if not greater rewards.
It remains an excellent exchange and it may probably be worth using this card for those who are already registered on the site, considering that it is among the safest, it is based in Europe, it offers the possibility of paying through metals and tokenized shares which represent a real novelty .

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