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By Bibana | Bloggerwoman in an attempt | 16 Feb 2023

Disclaimer: Article originally posted a while ago on my blog.

I find it interesting and sweet, that's why I share it here word by word, just as it is.

I hope you are as hungry right now as I am. If you haven't, the following pictures will surely whet your appetite. :D


  • yoğurtlu mantı in a black plate and karışık pide tarifi in white one


Even before we left for the trip, we knew we'd come back heavier than we were. And when I say that, I don't mean 5 kg baklavas in a suitcase. Of course there was that too.

Baklava is a Turkish sweet specialty, and if you go to Istanbul and don't try it, it would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower, something like that.

  • cevizli ve fıstıklı baklava


Since I am from Serbia and considering that we share a part of history with the Turks, many recipes have remained with us, so these delicacies are not foreign to us at all. But we make them in a slightly different way, usually with walnuts and purchased ready-made pie crusts, which is not the case in Turkey.

What I know is that if you eat baklava both in Turkey and in Serbia, you won't regret it, that's for sure.

  • peynirli börek and ayran


Burek is another essential stop in Turkey. It is made with a thicker crust than baklava, and you can choose any flavor you like. I like it best with cheese, but I don't object when someone orders me beef, spinach, potatoes burek.

Ayran is something similar to standard yogurt, but it is rarer and saltier. Have you ever tried it? I really liked it and it looks like I will have to go to Turkey again just for ayran. :D :D :D

  • some chocolate souffle (which is not exactly a Turkish specialty, you'll agree) and çay


  • Türk kahvaltısı


Türk kahvaltısı in translation Turkish breakfast looks exactly like this. It is important that there is a little bit of everything. Little of sweet, a little salty, cheese, fresh salad, olives, hand-kneaded thin bread and a bagel. We were very hungry that morning so we slurped out those bowls first. It was lentil soup, also a very common dish in their kitchen.

~ And that would be all for this first food article of mine. Of course, we ate a lot more than this, but you will find out about that in one of the next posts. Thanks for reading and love to all. <3

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Bloggerwoman in an attempt
Bloggerwoman in an attempt

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